League of legends

LOL: Leviathan becomes the first finalist of the Master Flow League

The first semifinal of the Master Flow League begins with a classic duel of the Argentine land To reach these instances at a point that defines the future for both teams.

The first map would be very even from the beginning, being Buggax the one to be present at the top to punish his counterpart with a gnar that would be a key piece for the sea dragon team that impacts the encounter in the fights By team to get to separate from the rivals leaving the pink team in a bad position and thus putting the first point for Leviathan.

For the second game we see how Kru would seek to react within the series so as not Make your rivals fall with a great more separate impact their mortal barrels turn the life of rivals into objects for the pink team that tied the series.

Arriving to the third scenario, things would change again due to the style of play that Leviathan proposes to control the rivals now taking a great Controlled situation in your favor to be able to finish the map in your favor in just 25 minutes exceptionally.

A fourth map that would change again because kru left a leblanc a kiefer with which he would do his acts of magic disappearing the rivals several times and manages to rotate towards the other lanes for Supporting his teammates, the situation of the confrontation became very in favor of the pink team that manages to settle things to send 2-2 in the series.


The last map left began the breakdown where only one could be victorious, the murders fell early but the exchange of casualties was very even inside the instances although the sea dragon team managed to take the dragons in their favor and thank you A Buggax who took a gangplank managed to have more security to achieve the series in his favor.

We have the first finalist of the Argentine League with a victory suffered within the series but now we see Leviatán seeking to be crowned as the champion, with a confrontation between New Pampas and Boca Juniors Gaming that defines the rival of the rival of the Levianeta to find which team will become the maximum champion.