Metal Gear: Cult Developer Speaks Out Concerning Murder

Hideo Kojima is presently the target of a negative joke in which he is implicated of murdering a Japanese politician. The famous maker of Metal Gear and Death Stranding does not desire to tolerate these hoaxes any kind of longer.

Metal Gear developer accused of murder online

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The scam was ultimately chosen up by a French comedian, who satirized the allegations on Twitter. From there, the report made the dive to reactionary political leader Damien Rieu , who took the tweet at stated value and sent it along with a complaint of violent left-wing extremists. Rieu has actually because removed his own tweet and also said sorry to Kojima and also Metal Gear followers for spreading the misinformation.


The assassination effort on previous Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has unpredicted effects for legendary game programmer Hideo Kojima . A bad joke that probably mapped its origins to the 4Chan website accuses the creative mind behind the Metal Gear franchise business as well as Death Stranding of murdering the politician.

Hideo Kojima fractures down on murder reports.