League of legends

LOL: Mechanics hides with the river crab that only a few know and you must study

The Rio crab, one of the best friends of the jungles, is a fairly important neutral objective in League of Legends. He not only provides a good amount of gold , but also gives vision and an area that gives additional movement speed to all your allies. He is not the most vindictive monster of the jungle since he does not inflict any damage but tries to flee from you. Another point known for all jungles is that he has a shield that lasts until he breaks with Smit or certain control skills.

In general, the players assumed that the crowd control skills that inflict damage would break the shield and then reduce the health of the target. But the recent discoveries made by a Reddit user called Soaringswordfish seem to indicate otherwise.

A small mistake that went unnoticed

After testing all crowd controls in the crab, the player wanted to share his Discovery in Reddit. According to his investigation, some CC of the champions eliminate the crab shield but do not inflict additional damage . In total, the player tried 149 CC skills that inflict damage. Of all these, 103 inflicted damage after breaking the shield, but the damage of the other 46 (or around 31%) was absorbed by the shield. These interactions and effects are the same for the last 10 patches.

According to him, this hidden mechanic canslow down the death time of the crab for some jungles *, especially those considered out of the goal, which makes the goal more difficult to ensure but also easier to dispute for enemies.

In summary, the player (who apparently likes Jungla’s position) expects his position to attract Riot Games’s attention . Now it remains to be seen if there is a rational explanation behind the various interactions, or if in fact it is a mistake. With 160 increasingly complicated champions and new ones, some peculiarities of the game can be difficult to follow, but as it is, It seems that this is a mistake or even an oversight by the study .