Update for Mihono Burbong, a new character, Umamus Me Pretty Derby, a mobile game topic

Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) will release the second update to release four new characters ‘Mihonoborbong’ and ‘Support Card’ in the mobile game ‘Umamus Pretty Derby’ developed by Saigames (CEO Watanabe Koichi) on the 4th. It was done.


First of all, ‘Mihono Bourbon’, a newly introduced ‘Umumusume’ character, is a “ Umamusume ” such as Cyborg, which is identified as a shame and performs a unique purpose with a unique expression and t1. I have little opportunity to talk to others, so I have the same personality. In particular, he is a genius of effort, Umamusme, who is active in a medium-range stadium and is good at escape operations.

In addition, four kinds of support cards were added to help foster characters. Through this update, SSR grade ‘[Declaration of Turbo Engine Development!] Twin Turbo, SR grade’ [Party People, Party Night!] Daitaku Helios’ You can see the Tressen Academy] Daitaku Helios.

In addition, the story event ‘Go to your dreams!’ Will be held until July 10, and you can enjoy the event limited story and get a limited compensation at the event.

Umamus Pretty Derby, which began its official service on June 20, is a development simulation game that competes for each character’s dream by fostering characters who have inherited the name and soul of the real race horse. Immediately after the official service, the company has been ranked No. 1 in the popularity of both markets, ranking first in the Apple App Store’s top sales ranking and Google Play’s highest sales ranking.