How much is the cost and annual salary of virtual humans?

The last desire of mankind may create creatures that surpass human beings. There are humanoid robots and virtual humans on the journey. Among them, virtual humans are drawing attention as the cyber space based on the Internet, such as methuses, evolves. It has not yet contained emotions, but it also surpasses humans in many ways in virtual space. Rather, it may be a human role model in virtual space. From the history of virtual human beings, the current activities, the salary, and their status and abilities are diagnosed four times. [Editor]

③ Virtual humans, from the difference in value to the cost of the production cost to profits

The area of virtual human activities that does not exist in reality is getting wider day by day. The virtual man, who has begun to attract attention as he has emerged as a core industry in the future food, has appeared in advertising, radio, dramas, or debuted as a singer. He is selected as a corporate promotion model, and he also works with entertainment companies.

Of course it earns money. Lil Michela, a virtual man created by the US startup Brad, gave the company a 13 billion won revenue last year. Developed by Smilegate and Giant Step, ‘Hanya’ , Lotte Home Shopping’s ‘Lucy’ is an exclusive contract with green snake media (Model Management YG K Plus). He predicted various activities in various fields.

Virtual humans, 3D (3D) technology or deep fake

How much does a virtual man who reveals his presence in various fields such as actors, singers, or fashion models, how do you do it? It usually values the value of the uniformity or how virtual humans are produced. The difference in imports depends on the creation process.

Virtual humans are the basis of full 3D (3D) technology that newly created from head to toe from the existing form. 2D) It can be divided into deep fake technology.

In the case of Giant Step, which has introduced several virtual humans, such as Hanya, ‘Vincent’ , and NAVER ‘Isol’ , a multiple virtual humans, ‘Hybrid Real Time Rendering’, a differentiation technology, Through the solution, the production period and cost are gradually shortened.

For example, if it took one year to make a virtual human A for the first time, it would add advanced technologies to make real-time synthesis, reducing the period of subsequent virtual human B and C in order to reduce the period of six or three months in order.

Oh Je-wook, CEO of Dio Bisudio, who created the virtual human ‘Aila’ , ‘Louis’ , said, 3D modeling technology is worked by animators and engineers, and it takes a lot of time and time. There is a difference in quality maintenance by the quality of the quality. AI technology is relatively low in error and the production speed is excellent in terms of cost.

The difference in ransom according to the work technology… Production costs ‘900 million won’

Virtual human ransom is divided by early work. Rosy is made of full 3D using the technology infrastructure of the visual special effect (VFX) company, the parent company of the producer Cyders Studio X.

Based on its own technology, it was not accompanied by the cost of the Locus internal personnel. It is known that it costs more than one year and minimum cost of 500 million won to create a hyperrealism similar to the rose.

Lotte Home Shopping’s Lucy’s Lucy and actor Yoo In-in as a virtual man ‘No-in’ , and ‘Bandi’ released by V-A Corporation, a meta bus platform company, also took a year to make.

According to officials familiar with virtual human production, it is reported that if the technology advances or prolonged the virtual human movement, it costs up to 900 million won. Virtual humans planned through AI Deep Fake Technology can be formed as early as one day. In this case, the production cost is relatively inexpensive, with 5 million to 10 million won.

Representative Oh Je-wook said, To achieve marketing purposes such as transition, brand preference and recognition, you must be at least 3D-based hyperrealism virtual human beings. I will have it.

100%of the production company’s revenue… Responsibility of the company, 10-20% estimates

In summary, virtual human beings are not the same virtual human. It is different for the utility of each technology and the general purpose of the industry. Rodge and Han Yu are attracting attention because they are ‘high-cost virtual humans’ of the 3D technology system that made it from nothing.

Normally, virtual human advertising, dramas, and movies are used to be developed by developers. For example, the advertising fee and YouTube video viewing revenue that Rosage appeared in Shinhan Life advertisement are counted as operating income of the producer Cyders Studio X. It is a way to make profits by activity.

Last year’s total sales of Hanya and Isol producers were about 33.3 billion won, and the proportion of dual contents is about 67%(about 22.1 billion won). Cyders Studio X’s money earned last year has reached billions of dollars, which is that it generates a profit of nearly 1 billion won to 10 billion won.

According to a multiple virtual human manufacturer official, if a developer has signed a contract with his agency, it is reported that he will take a 10-20% fee per virtual human activity. When Hanyu’s appearance in fashion advertisements, the giant step earns 100 won, and it is a system that pays up to 20 won for her agency YG Entertainment.