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How to quickly increase the level in Roblox Sword Factory X

Sword Factory X is a fascinating adventure of tycoon in Roblox, where you control your own factory of swords. Update and serve your many cars, as they create swords of various rarities that you can sell or collect for your battles. You can enchant your swords with powerful abilities, and then teleport to unique islands to fight the crowds of enemies and dangerous bosses. You must gradually increase the level in order to go to new locations and be able to defeat more complex opponents. Do not worry! You can quickly increase the level and become among professionals. Here’s what you need to do!

craft swords

Factory of swords X is all about manufacturing swords as well as modernization of your equipment like you, so, of course, the best way to quickly increase the level is to do this! As you constantly create swords and increase production, you also get XP. Be sure to click on this Automatic SPAVN button so that they continue to be created on their own.

Sell swords

Since your swords are created, make sure that you also selling swords you do not want. The sale of your creations brings you cash for updates, but also gives you XP closer to your level. The more blades you create and sell, the faster you will increase your level!

perform quests

You can complete quests in the game to earn a little additional money as well as souls during your playing time. Usually these are simple tasks, for example, to stay in the game for a certain time. It is recommended to monitor this menu for any other daily quests and achievements, because they can also help you get some more experience as they are completed.

Fight enemies

Another great way to quickly get levels is to take your swords to the battlefields. Teleport to different islands and fight with mobs collect huge xp , mining and also soul ! The stronger the enemies, the better you will receive. Also follow unique bosses which sometimes appear on the islands. These bosses will give you the best experience and prey!


buy amplifies in the store

The easiest way to quickly increase the level in Sword Factory X is to buy special increases and also passes This will help you receive a more significant amount of XP at a time, performing the above actions. You can find them in the Shop menu on the right side of the screen.

Buy Gampass

Two game passes will help you get more experience at a time and much faster⁠. vip and more experience passes. However, these gaming subscriptions can only be bought for Robux , which may not be so convenient. However, as soon as you buy them, it will only be a one-time purchase, the duration of which will never expire!

Buy Strengthening XP

Another option in the store is increasing experience . What is good in Busts is that you do not need to spend robux if you do not want to have ⁠-although this is an option. You can purchase them with precious stones , which can be obtained during the game, winning enemies, performing quests and using special codes. This strengthening will increase the experience that you receive during the game, and will greatly facilitate the increase in the level, but use it as much as possible, because it lasts only 30 minutes on time!

Here are several ways to very quickly increase the level in the Sword Factory X! Let us know if they worked for you in the comments below. Do not forget to check the promo codes of the Sword Factory X you can use to get free awards and prizes!

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