The official release of adult party game HOUSE PARTY on July 15th. STEAM Sexy Game Male is a new step

Developer EEK! Games announced on June 23 that it will officially release the adventure game House Party currently being distributed early. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam/Epic Games store).

House Party is an adventure game developed under the influence of classic adventure games such as Leisure Suit Larry and comedy works such as the movie American Pie. In this work, the player is invited by a friend to participate in the home party. You will enjoy a party with the other 15 participants and spend the night.


In this work, we will proceed with the story while talking with the participants. A number of options are prepared in the conversation, and each player’s choice affects later development. In addition, the liking of the other party changes each time, and the choice of conversation changes depending on whether you are in favor or dislike.

There are various items in the house where the party is held. If you get such items and show them to other characters, different reactions will be returned for each item, and the relationship between them may change. This work also has romance elements with other participants. In addition, by discovering hidden items, each participant will be able to touch the personal story.

This work has begun early access distribution on Steam in 2017, and development has been underway. Immediately after the release, Valve was stopped by Valve and became a hot topic. The sexual expression contained in this work was regarded as a problem, and it was called to delete such elements from the game. As a result, this work deleted sexual expression and resumed distribution. On the other hand, the developer distributed the uncensored patch on the official website, and prepared a means of the player that can optionally unlock sexual expressions (related articles).

However, the external distribution of such patches is currently being carried out. This is because it is distributed as DLC on Steam. At the time of this work was suspended, Valve did not allow the delivery of works that made sexual expressions sell, but changed their policy in September 2018. If it is not related to vandalism or illegal acts, all content will be tolerated (related article).

In response, as in this work, uncensored DLCs were distributed, and works that pushed the sexual expression to the forefront were released. House Party is a work that has experienced such a transitional period. The DLC of this work contains additional content and is distributed for a fee.

In the official release of this work, a female hero and a romance element in all gender combinations will be added. In the fall of this year, DLC, which will appear rapper Doga Cat, will be distributed. It seems that the voice is also in charge. In addition, VR support will be provided later this year.

House Party is being distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store). And it will be officially released on July 15. The developer EEK! Games is also working on release for the PlayStation platform. In addition, the idea has been revealed to start the sequel development soon.