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First -person viewpoint Low Polly Survival Horror Night at the Gates of Hell is released. Fear of being attacked by zombies without weakness other than head

Puppet Combo, Puppet Combo, announced today on June 24 the survival horror game Night at the Gates of Hell . The compatible platform is PC (Steam /


Night at the Gates of Hell is a first-person survival horror of PS1-style graphics. David, the main character of this work, lost his wife and lived alone in an apartment. The town where he lives was suddenly attacked by a zombie one day, and his daily life changed completely. While rejected the approaching zombies, David explored the secrets hidden in the zombie attack and tried to escape from the city.

The player operates David and tries to escape from the city. He collects items while fighting zombies, solving puzzles, and expanding their range of action. The zombies with their heads that appear as enemies can only be defeated with head shots. The developer said that the developer wanted to make the battle nervous.

This work is characterized by a low-resolution graphic reminiscent of horror games from the PS1 era. Puppet Combo is a publisher that handles a lot of low-polygon-style slasher horror works in addition to this work. In July 2020, Puppet Combo, which had developed and publicized games in-house, established a label Torture Star Video for indieveropper. He is working on a public indie horror game publishing business other than its own development.

According to Jordan King, the developer of this work, this work has been influenced by the early work of the Resident Evil series and a zombie movie from the 70’s and 80’s, including Lucio Furuchi. From this work with plenty of gore elements, you can feel a tribute to a nostalgic splatter horror work. If you are interested, why not take it for your hand?

Night at the Gates of Hell will be released in the third quarter of 2022 for PC (Steam /