Monster hunter rise

The best multi -user games at the Steam 2022 summer sale

Steam 2022 summer sales began with transactions in the Steam store. Until July 7, 2022, users can get some of the best offers for Steam games. Steam summer sale is an ideal time to buy the best multi-user games at a discount to play with friends or on the network.

Here are the best multi-user games that you can find at the Steam 2022 summer sale:

Monster Hunter: Uprising

Monster hunter: uprising 50% discount at the Steam summer sale, bringing it to $ 30.59 . Monster Hunter: Rise is the last part of the Monster Hunter franchise, in which you can play in an online cooperative up to four players. In Monster Hunter: Rise, it is very fun to play in a cooperative when you fight with new ferocious creatures. Although Rise does not support the cross-platform game, the PC has a large base of players, and it is difficult to miss a 50%discount.


dead in daylight

Dead by Daylight is currently 60%discount on the Steam summer sale, which makes it only $ 7.99 **. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer online survival game, which can be interesting in any type of game. Regardless of whether you play in a cooperative with friends as survivors, chasing players online as a killer or playing full private matches with five players, Dead by Daylight offers an excellent multiplayer gaming process. Dead by Daylight also has many DLCs, many of which are sold at a summer sale.

for honor

For honor 60%discount reducing it to $ 5.99 . Despite the fact that for Honor is an older game, she still receives weekly updates and recently added a cross-game to a multi-user regime. The competitive multi-user online game for Honor allows you to fight as one of the best warriors in history, performing many tasks. All releases of the game are also sold at the Steam summer sale, so check what they include if you want additional characters to appear at the beginning of the game.


Rusty is currently 50% discount taking it to 19.99 US dollars . Rust is a multi-user online game for survival with a huge number of servers that you can play. Rust is an excellent multiplayer game, because you have freedom of choice how you want to play. Many players jump directly in Rust on survival servers to collect, create objects, build a base and fight with other players, but there are also different servers with different scenarios such as RP, PVP or Creative.

Knighting 2

Knight 2 Currently 40%discount reducing it to $ 23.99 . Chivalry 2 is a competitive multi-user online game in which 64 players participate. Chivalry 2 puts you directly in the epicenter of large-scale medieval battles with various goals, such as siege, robberies of villages or seizure of points. The game also supports the cross-platform game, so there are many players with whom you can participate in matches.

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