Kungya drink and macaroon menu came out of Netmarble ㅋㅋ Dabang

Netmarble sells its mobile game ‘Money Kungya Island Launch’ refreshment on the 3rd floor of Guro-gu, Guro-gu, Seoul until the 24th.

This menu, which is based on Netmarble’s own IP ‘Kungya’, is a dragon, Kungya Coconut Aid, two apple Kungya Rich Aid drinks and four macaroons (mushroom kungya Earl Gray.

This product is produced to reflect the appearance and characteristics of Kungya characters such as dragons, apples, and onions, and if you buy 1 drink and 2 macaroons in the Kungya menu, you will be offered an icing cookie with ‘rice ball kungya’.

Meanwhile, ‘ㅋㅋ Dabang’ is a cafe that started as a space for Netmarble employees, and it has been changed to a space where outsiders, such as local residents, can be used together as Netmarble moved to the gower.

ㅋㅋ If you visit the room, you can enjoy the cafe menu, as well as the Netmarble Store where you can meet Netmarble IP products, and Coway brand experience space Coway Gallery.

Netmarble will be released worldwide on the 15th. You can decorate your own island with resources and kungya characters collected by combining three objects to create new objects. Merge Kungya Island’s official website, Google Play, and Apple App Store are in advance.