[Lee Dong -sung] Game package enters 80,000 won

One of the terms related to PC or console game package prices is the word ‘full price’. In general, the term is the upper limit of one game (general edition) price, which means the average price of AAA games. However, there is no clear line because game companies do not control the price through collusion, and the game package is not a product that is not subject to inflation. It is a thoroughly ideological part.

And on the 9th, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Reboot Pan, which began pre-sale, lit the debate over the price of the full price game. The general plate price of this work is 84,500 won in Korea. It went beyond the price of full price, which was considered to be 70,000 won, and entered 80,000 won. Since the Call of Duty series is an AAA-class game that everyone recognizes, the debate is hot based on this.

First of all, there are many negative opinions as a consumer about the rise in prices. It’s just 80,000 won, amazing price, The price is very up, I’ll wait for the game pass. On the other hand, there are opinions such as I still want full price 60,000 won and It’s cheaper than Gacha games. Game Mecca ID Chicken Joa 1347 left a comment, It’s only expensive!

In fact, game prices have not been significant for decades. For example, Koei’s PC game Samgukji 3 package was 42,900 won in 1994, and in 1993, the new game pack for Super Aladdin Boy (Mega Drive) was 70,000 won. On the other hand, two or three years ago, the full package price was 50 ~ 60,000 won for PCs and 6 ~ 70,000 won for console. Considering the inflation rate, it was almost stopped.

The reason why game prices could not rise is complex. Once the game population continued to increase, sales increased as sales volume increased. It is also important to consider that the wallet is easy to buy because it is easy to buy online orders or downloads. The psychological resistance of consumers mentioned above also had a significant impact. In the meantime, some games have been accused of being released at a higher price than a typical full-price, so there was an atmosphere that game companies could not raise prices.

However, as game production costs gradually increased, game companies made it difficult for game companies to maintain prices. So, in order to make additional profits without raising the package fare as much as possible, various BMs such as online mode, DLC sales, season pass introduction, and random boxes were introduced. Then, they also accused the selling unfinished games and making profits by selling DLC in the future. Even though it was a package game, it became ‘Pay to Win’. Eventually, apart from the package price, the average amount of money spent by gamers has increased on average.

The industry argues that in order to solve this problem, game package prices must be changed to some extent in line with the changed game production environment. However, if you raise the price blindly, there can be no backlash. In order to convince gamers and minimize backlash for the right price, you need to reduce the additional billing model of the package game and prove that you can enjoy enough if you pay the package fee. If you pay for money, some price hikes can be accepted.


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