Beloved Villars assures a severe rebalancing of the problem for Souldiers

Whole lots of pledges and also complete of top qualities, Souldiers nonetheless grieved our dear von_yaourt due to hisdiffe culture extremely poorly calibratedand various other balancing issues.With Souldiers our goal has actually always been to provide you a promoting experience. A monitoring without detours to which the business intends to respond quickly:a point that we can promise: by June 23, a brand-new version of Souldiers will certainly be released on Heavy steam, which will contain as several corrections and also modifications as feasible, to make it A more rewarding game.

For the rest, it will certainly therefore be necessary to wait another two weeks prior to discovering the enhancements promised by the publisher:Bien that we can not share a final changlog today, remainder guaranteed that we are 100% devoted to bring you ‘Difficult experience but simply that we have actually always searched for.This is what, we wish, need to please the good friend von yogurt and also all the customers of Souldiers .