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The times that Star Wars has broken his own canon

The Star Wars galaxy is extensive. With a franchise with more than 40 years of legacy, video games, books, series, movies, comics and much more, hundreds of people have contributed something to this franchise. However, not everyone has had the opportunity to read every small detail about the canonical history of Star Wars **. This has caused a couple of errors, and it is something we recently seen with Obi-Wan Kenobi. In this way, here we present some of the continuity failures presented by the current Canon of Star Wars.

Satellite of the second Death Star

As you will remember, in the rise of skywalker, king and company travel to the planet of Kef Bir to investigate a section of the second Death Star. However, in star Wars Battlefront II there is a mission where that same piece of the Death Star is located On the Endor Moon. It is not a detail that causes constant fights within Star Wars fans, but it is an example of different creative teams not collaborating with each other.

King and Poe Dameron were already known

It is clear that there are many elements that do not have any continuation in the trilogy of the sequelae. One of these contradicts itself. In the movie of the Last Jedi, we can see King and to know each other for the first time, something that they make clear, this at the end of the tape. However, in the novel of the Force Awakens, which is Canon, these characters interact for the first time at the end of the book.


Snake did not know how the empire was defeated

Returning to the books, the the force Awakens novel has a conversation between Kylo Ren and Snoke, of which we saw a part in the movie, where the evil Sith points out that he has been present in the Star Wars universe since the time Empire. In the novel there is even an explanation of why Darth Vader and Palpatine were defeated. However, in the Rise of Skywalker it is revealed that Snoke is just a clone of the emperor, so his conversation, two films back, does not make much sense.

Kanan Jarrus’s escape

Kanan Jarrus is a Jedi that we saw for the first time at star Wars Rebels. He is one of the few characters that survived order 66. However, there are different versions of this event. The star Wars Kanan The Last Padawan and the Bad Batch comic tell the same event, where the teacher of this young apprentice is killed, and the child escapes. Although this is respected between the two versions, elements such as the day, place and the appearance of the clones vary between them.

The dice of Han Solo

In the book of star Wars The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary it is mentioned that Han Solo won the millenary hawk in a setting using special gold dice. These objects appear in the last jedi, since they were an element to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, in this prequel it is seen that they have made the famous spacecraft in a card game. Along with this, gold dice were already chained at the beginning of this tape.

The transmission of a New Hope

In a New Hope, just at the beginning of the film, when Vader manages to capture Leia, the Sith mentions that they found the rebels thanks to a series of transmissions. However, rogue One contradicts this, since in this tape we can see that no transmission was issued, and the empire found Leia thanks to a previous attack that was followed by Darth Vader.

The Yoda Light Saber

Finally, one of the most recent cases arose in the Book of Boba Fett. Recall that there is an episode focused on training between Grogu and Luke Skywalker. At the end of this meeting, the Jedi introduces Baby Yoda the option to choose an armor that brought him Din Djarin, or the Yoda Light Saber. The problem is that Yoda’s Light Saber was incinerated after the revenge of the Sith events, just as you can see in the first volume of the Darth Vader comic.

These are some of the most famous continuity errors in recent years in the current Star Wars canon. As they could see, most arise when different official materials are compared . It is very sure that these types of inconveniences continue to happen in the future. Along with this, there is the possibility that some film or series eventually correct these narrative failures.

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