Groups embarrass announces a foundation to preserve videogames

As time goes by, the preservation of video games has become an issue that does not stop growing. Although there are organizations that take care of the history of this medium, their funds are limited and usually require some type of external financing. This is a problem that does not have embarrack Group , multinational owner of studies such as Gearbox and Crystal Dynamics , who have announced their new foundation to preserve video games.


This foundation, known as Games Archive embarrack, is located at the company of the company in Karlstad, Sweden, and already has a collection of more than 50 thousand pieces of software and hardware , from the oldest video games to Modern console platforms.

A team of archivists, engineers and researchers have been assigned to obtain, increase and guarantee the safety of the contents of the file. However, for the moment there are no plans to open the file to the general public **. Instead, embarrass Group plans to allow access to researchers and academics as a record of the history, technological and design of video games.

Although this could change in the future, nothing is a guarantee. Group embarrass has the resources to find, buy, and maintain the condition of video games that other organizations may not have. Similarly, in the future ** an application will open so that people worldwide manage to contribute to some rare and historical piece.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, this is something very positive. In the past we have heard about companies that lose their own material. Thanks to the capital of embarracking Group as well as the properties and studies it possesses, it is more than certain that part of the history of the medium will be preserved in a great way.