Playstation has a gaming

If gamers exchange ideas about their favorite games, it can sometimes sound like they are speaking a completely different language. The PlayStation team has now set up an ultimate list with the most important gaming terms that you should definitely know.

from Aggro to Zoning: PlayStation Gaming-Duden

PlayStation – Play Has No Limits

What does DPS actually stand for? And what is Griefing? If these words only trigger confusion with you, you should urgently look at the ultimate list of the most important gaming terms on the official PlayStation website.

There you will learn that DPS stands for “Damage per second” (damage per second) and that Griefing is the annoyance of other players in an online environment. The list has everything that makes a really good gaming dud. Of course, this also includes cross-references to what RNG has to do with a procedural generation and loot and why your shouldn’t confuse a nerf with a de-buff . The complete list is written in English. However, this should not be a particularly big problem, since many terms were simply taken over in Germany. (Source: PlayStation)

gaming duds is perfect for NOOBS and PROS

From A to Z you can now look up all gaming terms thanks to the PlayStation team. Maybe you let your parents and grandparents risk a look so that they can get into your conversations **.

The gaming dud covers standard foods such as XP, RPG and Speed Run, but continues to go deeper in other places. For example, you already know, what the abbreviation SSD stands for or what is required by you if you should kite an opponent?