NHN Big Foot participates in win -win campaign with the platform Game Base

NHN Big Foot (CEO Kim Sang -ho) announced on the 23rd that it will participate in the GGC Green Friendship campaign.

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‘GGC Green Friendship’ is a promising medium and small game in collaboration with the Gyeonggi Content Agency (Director Min Se -hee, hereinafter referred to as Kyungconjin), a global game support project that is being promoted as a public business with medium and large game companies and game -related services. It is a win -win campaign that supports developers.

Through this business agreement, six companies participating in GGC Green Friends will provide their own know -how and services to middle and small game developers and developers.

At the ceremony on the 20th, Min Se -hee, director of Kyungconjin Min, was attended by Ryu Hee -tae, NHN Big Foot, Hong Ji -cheol, Neowiz, Kim Young -jin, Director of Smilegate Megaport, Kang Hwan -bin, AWS Korea’s Korean Game Business Manager, Kwak Yun -hee One Store, and Jung Ha -young, director of Webzen.

NHN Big Foot will join the campaign with its ‘game base’. First, the game base solution will be provided free of charge to game developers who are ranked 10th in the 2022 game audition business. The company plans to support the game base credit worth 300 million won. The game base will be supported for one year for 10 mobile game developers who have moved to Gyeongconjin Gyeonggi Global Game Center.

The game base operates the domestic game portal ‘Hangame’ by NHN Big and Big and Game Family, which provides the features necessary for the game operation. It is currently used by domestic and foreign developers such as Clover Games, Wemade Max, Like It Games, City Labs, Blue Potion Games, and 111%(111%).

Meanwhile, NHN Big Foot supported the overall game development and operation service in cooperation with the Gwangju Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency and the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency.