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After the difficulty of Nintendo Switch 100 yen sale, we will develop a new game with highest development costs in the history of the company. What Mutan aims for in “Gunyamon Star”

On May 22, the game company Mutan announced “ Gunyamon Star “. “Gunyamon Star” is an asymmetric party game of 3VS1 with a TPS element that rampages with a character designed by Terada Terada, a popular illustrator. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). Although it is an ambitious work that incorporates various elements, Mutan is trying to break away from the “100 yen manufacturer” by this work. Where do Mutan and “Gnyamon Star” aim? I asked the developer.

── Can you introduce yourself? Could you tell us both the roles in the previous work “Gunya Fighter” and the role in the new “Gnyamon Star”?

I’m Watanabe, Representative Director of Mutan Co., Ltd. The basic stance is the same in “Gunya Fighter” and “Gunyamon Star”, and he is involved in a producer standing position.

Mr. Osawa:
This is Osawa. He is in charge of planners and directions for “Gna Fighter” and “Gnyamon Star”. He originally had been a planner in Camelot for about 15 years. The famous title is “Mario Tennis” and “Mario Golf”. He was also involved in the Golden Sun. I think I’m mostly involved in the title of Camelot in the meantime.

After that, I was involved in smartphone games in DeNA. After that, Mr. Watanabe called me and the desire to make a consumer game again overlapped, so I decided to make a game with Mutan. He participated in some consignment development and was involved in the development of “Gna Fighter” in the flow of trying some original titles.

Thank you. Then, please introduce Mutan’s company again.

Our Mutan was established in 2007. As for the background, I started with five friends from the time I was freelance. From that point on, it has been established for 15 years in January of this year, but it has been developing the game as it is.

── Can you tell us about the commissioned achievements?

According to recent achievements, “Final Fantasy XV” is the last download content “Episode Arden”. I did this development. After that, we have been the main model of the “Atelier” series for about 5 years. About two years ago, the main character of Liza’s Atelier was very popular. The most recent track record is, but the reason is that it is involved in a very large project and the development period is long. I hope the games we have been involved in will be announced in the near future, so please look forward to it.

── I’m looking forward to it. While doing these many contracts, we have recently started their own public. Could you tell me the opportunity?

It was about 5 years ago that I started my own public. As long as I entered the game industry and worked in the game industry, many creators seemed to create and sell games on their own. So is myself. I wanted to realize it a little, so I started selling it in -house. I just want to make money. I also have a dream that if I sell my own games and succeed, I will make a lot of money. (Smile)

──Do you feel a profit -making response so far?

I feel like I’m going up the stairs, but I’m not making money yet. However, thanks to “Gna Fighter”, which will be talked about after this, the number of people who cares about Mutan has definitely increased.

──Automaton has been taking up many times in the form of a 100 -yen sale company (related article). Perhaps because of such an effect, the image of a game that can be bought cheaply is established. On the other hand, recently, “Gna Fighter” has not been sold for 100 yen on sale. Did you change the policy?

“Gonya Fighter” was released in 2019, and until 2020 it was on sale for 100 yen. I think that many users could play by performing aggressive updates such as adding characters and rules in parallel. As of 2020, we have escaped from the 100 yen sale, selling this game with the correct value we set, or showing that it is a valuable title.

The reason for the 100 -yen sale was that a well -known company like us could not hit PR accurately, and the game was released. The release date was just due to the hopeful observation of “maybe buzz” (laughs) However, I didn’t do anything, so I didn’t happen (bitter smile), but I worked hard. It’s a shame that the game is not known to anyone and keeps sinking under the Nintendo E Shop all the time. It is a way to solve it, so when you try to do something and do it, you have tried a cheap sale that was popular overseas at the time in Japan.

Thank you. Please let me know what you got from the sale, what you lost or dragged.

Yes, what I got is the easiest to understand, and I think it would be a meeting with 180,000 users due to the sale of 180,000 copies. I guess the lost and dragged ones have been sold at a cheap price. There was no one that had been stacked, but there is a feeling that I borrowed the brand power or borrowed the name.

─。 After that, the new work “Gunyamon Star” will be released. I would be grateful if you could tell me the background of this development.

180,000 people bought “Gna Fighter” and played. The development of this title has begun because I want to spread this more and surprise those who have become fans in “Gonya Fighter”.

──What kind of game will the new work “Gnyamon Star” will be?

Mr. Osawa:
I will explain that area from me. “Gunyamon Star” is a so -called asymmetric battle game that plays in 3vs1. Play in divided into three busters who fight together and one monster that rampages with powerful skills.

The basic system uses TPS manners, but we have various ideas in terms of system so that we can participate in the game properly even if we are not good at aim. In addition, I reflected on the last lack of PR power and focused on character design. Terras Terada, a pop, loose and slightly dark style, expresses the world view of “Gunya” with a little loose and gap.

Thank you. I was playing the demo version, and I wondered what would be a genre. What do you officially call?

Mr. Osawa:
We call it an asymmetric party game. In terms of genre, TPS and asymmetric competition games are close, but the rules are different from existing asymmetric games, which are easy to get on.

Originally, I wanted to challenge asymmetric games. There were goals to make asymmetric games, but I was playing asymmetric games and I thought very strongly, saying, “I’m not working unexpectedly.” The one who escaped was a strong impression that each of them was working hard on each other. I think that I can make use of the asymmetrical fun where I cooperate, and I have completed this work.

──In non -constituent competition games, the role that supports other players is the impression that good people play a role. In the case of Gunyamon Star, what kind of cooperation is the cooperation?

Mr. Osawa:
As I mentioned earlier, this time, we have devised a system so that even those who are not good at games can actively participate. One concrete example is that monsters are easy to kill with powerful skills, the buster is easy to revive, and so that they can play a role, so that the stray play is created naturally. Adjusted.

Since the monster is adjusted to be easy to take, it will be wiped out immediately if you do not cooperate. Instead, it is easy to resuscitate, so the buster can play well with good friends.

Thank you. In this work, I feel that in addition to the use of illustrators and character voices, 3D modeling is also strong. Is it still expensive among Mutan?

In -house resources and in -house costs should be about three to five times that of Gunya Fighter. External creators, voice actors, illustrators. I have a firm external professional cooperate.

── How much sales are you made?

We are working hard on PR activities so that we can exceed the number of “Gna Fighter”!

──It is ambitious. This work seems to have an operation -based game as far as I have seen. Why did you decide to make it a operating game?

Mr. Osawa:
Actually, this work is not made as an operation game. At the beginning of the release of Gunya Fighter, for users who are playing continuously, the motivation to play continuously was only a mechanism of rating. I wonder if that’s not enough to keep playing forever, or that there are few play. The next time I make it, there is an issue in myself that I want to manage it, and one of the measures is partially incorporated. However, it is not the operation type game itself.

──I thought that it was a battle pass -style title. After having the main unit firmly buys it, an update plan will be developed to entertain the user who bought it.

Mr. Osawa:
I agree. Recently, there are games that have been purchased, but for a while after the release, a stage etc. will be added. If anything, the image is close. However, the basics are considered the profits of the game itself as a pillar, but as we continue to update, we are considering introducing additional DLC and consumed items to support development costs. I want to come.

Let me supplement a little from me. In this work, we are trying to reset the know -how of game players and user skills and techniques. I want to make it a game that is not an advantage for so -called TPS people and such players. We aim to be able to participate in the game as soon as anyone can touch it.

Because it is such a design, it does not become Pay to Win, and it is unlikely that advanced users will be warrior. For example, when you want to play for a long time, you don’t match the parameters and levels, paying for overwhelmingly strong weapons. I pondered how to play for a long time.

── On the other hand, it means that the seasonal development is scheduled for Gunyamon Star. How long do you want to continue?

Mr. Osawa:
For the time being, at this stage, we are considering the update for one year after the release. After that, I should think while watching the user’s reaction.

──The year is a somewhat long -term plan, but is the content production after the release already progressing?

Mr. Osawa:
I agree. Since we were developing with that policy from the beginning, it is quite completed. It will be open step by step.

──By the way, is there a title that was inspired or referred to as a benchmark in making this game?

Mr. Osawa:
In recent titles, it’s “Fall Guys”. I personally think that it is very good that the players are enjoying the festival without much jerks, even though they are online games. “Fall Guys” is also referred to as game cycles. Even though it is not a gutsuri operation, I think that it is very good to have an atmosphere where something new is being done and do various collaborations. I was inspired by that.

Another work that has been influenced by this is a little old story, but it is “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” of Nintendo 64. Sakurai (Masahiro) once disassembled and reset the element of “Game”, and felt that he had made “Smash” as a battle game that anyone could play. I always want to make such a game.

“Gonya Fighter” was also made that people who are good at games and poor people can play flat, and even if they are superior, they can laugh and forgive. I think that there are games that are too regrettable and do not want to do it anymore when you lose, and some games that are regrettable but want to play again.

If you lose, you don’t want to do it anymore, the weight of the player skills in the match is too large and you are not convinced that you lost. For example, if you are fitted in the battle action and end without doing anything, you will feel unreasonable. Of course, I don’t have enough skills, but if I feel that I can’t be involved, I can’t play anymore. I’m thinking of creating a game that doesn’t happen.

─ ─ 新 新 新 新 新 新 新 新 が が が が 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、

Mr. Osawa:
I wonder if the core of the fun of this game is to fight and play with each other. In particular, I guess the most interesting rules like “Koori Ono” are the most interesting. When I was thinking about the idea of “Gnyamon Star”, I had the opportunity to play with my friend’s family, and my child suddenly started doing “Koori Oi”. Parents were also mixed with them, but there was a mechanism that said, “If you touch the demon, you will be frozen”, “If everyone is frozen, you will lose”, and “you have to defrost your frozen friends except for the demon”. It’s interesting and one of the ideas.

When you grow up, your physical strength is limited when you grow up. I hope that Gunyamon Star can create a place where you can play with friends who are away from the game without such restrictions.

── However, when it comes to multiplayer games, many titles are released and operated. Could you tell me the unique elements of this work?

Mr. Osawa:
“Gonya Fighter” is the happening character of Yuzuri. I think that there is a unique fun in this game where a lot of happening occurs in a short game, such as where the stone stumbles and mossy. Occasionally, the physical operation is bad, and sometimes she shows behavior that does not assume the creator, so when testing, everyone plays with a laugh. It is interesting just to look at it as an opinion of the person who played, so it is suitable for live broadcasting. Since the watching mode is also implemented, I would be glad if everyone could do such distribution.

As I mentioned earlier from Mr. Osawa, the place I think is very good in the Gunya series is that happening troubles occur during one game, and a lot of happening. Instead of the system, the elements that naturally occur in the game are scattered in the game. I think that the user can play while laughing at the happening is a very good place in the “Gna” series.

─ ─ Currently, only Steam platforms have been announced, but are other platform developments, including Nintendo Switch?

We would like to deliver it to a wide range of people, so please wait for future announcements.

── Then, we will also close the interview. I would like to ask both Osawa and Mr. Watanabe to be enthusiastic about the new work again.

Mr. Osawa:
In “Gonya Fighter”, we asked users to play more than originally expected, and I think it was really good. I would be glad if the users who played the previous work and the users who knew for the first time could experience the evolution of this work. There are attractive characters, it’s pop, cute, and it’s a messy TPS action, so I hope you can play with a good friend. After the release, we are considering various measures, such as surprising collaborations, so we hope you can expect it.

I’m a bit more produced. At present, with the cooperation of Automaton, I think Mutan has the image of a 100 yen manufacturer (laughs). That’s because we have a lot of cooperation with excellent creators who have well -known and skilled, and we have been developing Mutan for 20 years, participating in important sections. I am making it.

Therefore, I think that if you like cheapness and cheap, you will be able to release it without a millimeter, besides the name of the “Gunya” series, other than the name of Mutan. I would like to escape this time that I will promote the work I have accumulated and the work I have made, and that it will not sell unless it is 100 yen. For that purpose, it is decided to update for one year while communicating with users firmly, so I hope we can make a better shape.

Thank you. We look forward. By the way, are you planning to do a 100 yen sale so far?

Not at all. The schedule is… there is no plan at all.

Mr. Osawa:
Please tell me (laughs)


── (laughs) Thank you for your time today.

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