Valorant: merger y e

The day begins with great duels in the north to see who will remain at the top of the table, teams that are not giving the expected results seek to change the mentality at this time where they can still make some mistakes to correct them and manage to go to the face -to -face Against the South, the games of the day excited all the fanatic with the sample of good use of the agents.


The first series was a confrontation between Fusion and Border Monsters on a map of Ascent starting strong thanks to Kolby “Torrify” Bruzzo with a Chamber that worked very goodly in defense for defense for defense prevent their rivals from getting several rounds in a row and managing to leave the score with a 8-4, in the second Cristobal “Alca” Cancino would be able to throw good arrows with SOVA to get some rounds but it would not be enough because Luis “Mited” Gutierrez would activate the Terminator mode to settle the encounter with 13-9.

In the second map the Fusion team would seek aggressiveness in the defense of Bind that was selected by them to get quite important rounds that thanks to Luis “Wyz” Hernandez that would manage to put the vipers In the face of the rivals to leave things 8-4, for the change of roles things would not change much since the same Viper would continue as BM’s headache to end by closing the map with 13 -4 and take the series.

Xolos keeps the undefeated

Evolution of VALORANT - From 2014 to 2021

With the second series of the day we could see Six Karma against E-Xolos Lazer on a map of Fracture that would be chaotic but the Xolos would put the order thanks Santiago “Daveeys” Galvis that would be a wall In the defense that they could not go so easy to leave a 8-4 in the first instance, the aggressive attack of those of Tijuana would be present with great strength and operator included to achieve victory In his favor with a 13-7.

In the second map we traveled to Ascent where things would get interesting from the beginning with a quite even game where Matias “Matis” Salgado sought to make a difference with its Jett but despite the Great work done by the Xolos managed to leave things 7-5, changing the sides the green wave would take things calmly and gradually turned the confrontation, getting the ropes of Tijuana on the ropes and thus leave The second map painted green with a 13-9.

Reaching the decisive map that would be Haven Both teams sought He would do a great job with the Operator in his hands to leave his rivals on the floor to get an important advantage for his team that would separate and finish the series in his favor.

A day full of emotions and that ended the north day with the victory of Fusion together with the Xolos to maintain their domain now they will have a few days off to see new strategies on the next day of the North League, remember that Saturday and Sunday is the South League to continue enjoying the best competitive value.