I want to recommend it for beginners of gaming PCs! In a good way, “just right” Sicoms gaming PC “G”

What do you seek from the gaming PC?

Of course, the base performance is important. I see it every day and I want to stick to it. I want you to glow with LED like a gaming PC. There are a lot of things you want to cherish when buying a gaming PC.

I want to make all of these, but I’m not hesitant to work on my own, so I want to recommend it to you, but it’s fashionable, solid, easy to understand, just right in a good way “G-Master Velox”. Series . If you read so far, you will be one of the influential options for gaming PC purchase.

This article is reviewed using the equipment provided by Sicom.

What is the “G-Master Velox” series?

The “G-Master Velox” series that we handle this time is a gaming PC designed by SYCOM. Sicom is one of the PC manufacturers specializing in BTO (Build to Order), and it is evaluated for the attitude of specifying reliable parts and incorporating them, and the number of customs that can be customized. In recent years, we have been challenging various aspects, such as supporting the e -sports tournament “heart CUP” where blind e -sports players fight, and introducing models that are easy for beginners to understand by narrowing down the number of parts that can be selected.

The “G-Master Velox” series is a model for a wide range of layers. It covers from beginner users who want to play casually to heavy users who want to customize and enjoy tocoton. The standard aircraft borrowed this time are as follows.

“G-Master Velox Intel Edition”
CPU: Intel Core i5-12400 [2.5GHz/6 core/12 threads/UHD730/TDP65W] Alder Lake-s modeled model
CPU cooler: NOCTUA NH-U12S REDUX [Air cooling/CPU fan] ★ High-performance CPU grease NT-H1 coated
Motherboard: ASUS Prime H670-Plus D4 [Intel H670CHIPSET]
Memory: 16GB [8GB2 sheets] DDR4-3200 [Major chip / 8-layer board] DUAL CHANNEL
Graphic Card: GeForce RTX3060 12GB ASUS PH-RTX3060-12G-V2 [HDMI/DisplayPort
Case: [White] NZXT CA-H510I-W1 + intake fan [Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12] [Glass panel]
Power: Silverstone SST-ET650-HG [650W/80Plus Gold]
OS: Microsoft (R) Windows10 Home (64bit) DSP version

I tried to line up difficult strings, but there are some parts that I want to improve a little. The strength of BTO is that you can customize it according to the application, such as increasing the capacity of SSD and increasing the memory a little more. But after all, it is troublesome to compare in various ways, and you need knowledge.

The selection (option) of this model (optional) is extremely simple so that even beginners can easily understand. SSDs and memory are also simple and simple, so you can simply put a strong part, so even beginners can select highly selected reliable parts without hesitation.

Other models include the concept model “G-Master Luminous RGB” that can decorate almost all parts with RGBLED, and the “HYDRO Series” that cools the CPU and graphic cards with a dual water-cooled system, and models and professionals. There are abundant models such as models for. One of the users who want to be particular about it is one way to consider that.

stylish and functional case

From here, let’s look at the actual machine composed of standard parts. First, check the exterior you are interested in. The case is “NZXT H510i”. Speaking of NZXT, it is an attractive manufacturer with simple and stylish parts. There are many users who want to enjoy the atmosphere and unity of the room, which are fashionable and luxurious. The LED placed in the case also shines in white by default and feels even elegant.

Not only the appearance but also the functional aspect is substantial, and there is a space to hide the wiring in the case, and the space design with a space is also attractive. It is convenient for care and parts replacement, such as a side panel that can be removed with a single screw. The bottom, the back, and the upper surface are firmly processed for ventilation, and the heat is firmly exhausted.

Speaking of exhaust heat, the CPU cooler is “NH-U12S REDUX” equipped with a 120 mm fan made of NOCTUA. NOCTUA is a reputed manufacturer that is used when you want to cool down, such as fans and CPU coolers. With the automatic speed control function, the quietness at low load is perfect. In addition, important parts such as ASUS motherboards with excellent durability and stability, highly reliable crucial SSDs that everyone knows, and power supply of semi -module Silverstone, which has good electric efficiency and wiring wiring. Everything is composed of “solid”. It is Sicom’s greatest strength to be able to select reliable parts and sell them as BTO with guarantee.

What is the key performance?

No matter how good it looks, the important thing is the contents. The CPU is equipped with the latest 12th generation Intel® Core processor. It is definitely a high-performance CPU, and the standard i5-12400 is a sufficient specification for game use. This is because it has more than two generations of high -grade CPU, Core i7 10700K. If you want to distribute game distribution or edit videos for heavy weight, it is better to increase the CPU grade a little, but I felt that the standard was really enough.

And the graphic card that is not exaggerated to say the most important in gameplay is a GeForce RTX3060 12GB (ASUS PH-RTX3060-12G-V2). The grade is a middle grade, but its performance is considerable. From here, let’s actually play the game and check its performance.

First of all, “Final Fantasy XIV: Akatsuki no Finale” benchmark. The settings are “very comfortable” as the result of high quality (desktop PC), resolution of 1920 x 1080 windows. You can play comfortably enough.

Next is the popular battro stutter “APEX LEGENDS”. As a result of playing with the resolution of 1920 x 1080, the highest setting, it always sticks to 60fps. It is stable and stable when descending from the ship that tends to be heavy, so you can play comfortably. If the resolution is 1920 x 1080, it is stable even at 144Fps. You will be dominant at a high frame rate.

I will also try the PC version of “God of War”, which has a high reputation for stories and actions. The setting is the best “Ultra”. Even in situations where multiple enemies appear, 60fps came out firmly. You can check the detailed expression of the crate and the texture of the skin.

The last thing I try is “Battlefield 2042”. This work has become a hot topic because of the high demand specifications, but I still want to try a late racing. Late racing is a more realistic representation of light reflection and reflection by processing light similar to the real world. The flames reflected in the puddles and the scenery reflected in the glass are faintly drawn, making the world description more persuasive.

The “DLSS” function here is here. This is to improve his performance in graphics using AI mounted on a graphic card bearing “RTX”. Simply put, it’s amazing that the frame rate goes up when turned on.

Although it is a solo mode while thinking that the highest setting is severe, it is a solo mode, but when I played it, the resolution of 1920 × 1080, a 2,080 -of -DLSS “Auto”, 60fps was firmly available. This is an impression that the strength of 12GB video memory is fully demonstrated.

“Battlefield 2042” is a title that changes the scenery considerably depending on the settings, and the higher the setting, the more detailed and polite depictions such as the growing growing of plants, the water drops attached to the gun and vehicle, and the dust rolling up. Late racing, puddles and glass are also realistically described, and you will be able to fully feel the “next generation”.

To be honest, I thought that RTX3060 was a high setting and the last minute, but in a good way I betrayed my expectations. If the battlefield 2042, which is said to be quite heavy in recent years, works so far, can you see that this has enough performance?

The solid composition that collects reliable parts makes the meaning of being a BTO maximize. Isn’t it nice for cautious to be able to carefully examine the specifications and model numbers on the homepage and be able to examine them well before purchasing?

The case with beautiful appearance and the parts configuration that boasts high performance as standard answered the needs of the first one of the gaming PC or the gaming PC with performance but not knowing the details. In addition, the fact that carefully selected optional parts can be customized is a unique strength that can be safe for beginners and users who are not confident in the knowledge of parts.

Sicom’s “G-Master Velox” series can be a partner for all game users who want to send a comfortable and diverse gaming life while emphasizing beautiful designs. How about considering a powerful option for gaming PC purchase? The price is from 193,270 yen with a standard configuration for “G-Master Velox Intel Edition”. It is on sale at the official store of Sicom.

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