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The League of Legends Mechanic will be Broken in Patch 12.10

League of Legends is getting some significant changes in the upcoming patch 12.10. In them, all the champions will increase their resistance so that the effective damage in the game is lower. However, the method chosen by Riot Games to carry out the adjustments is to improve the stats of the characters. A mechanic promises to cause many problems to the company’s employees, and on which no preventive measures have been taken. It is an excellent decision in many aspects that the developer has already justified, but it has a great counterpart.

Actual damage threatens League of Legends.
Actual damage ignores an opponent’s resistance and hits their hit points directly. It can only be reduced using shields, and only a few champions have it. However, since Riot Games‘ improvements have affected, above all, the resistances per level of the champions, having this source to subtract health points from the rivals will be critical. League of Legends is a complex system, and while characters will now have a bit more health, the nerf to this type of damage is barely noticeable.

While the damage from all sources will be reduced by 10-20% depending on the starting situation, the adjustments will hardly affect the actual damage. A paradox occurs: although it will be a little less effective since the characters will have a bit more life, seeing its power reduced in such a sensible way is much more effective in relative terms than physical or magical attrition. Also, keep in mind that there are sources of actual damage that scale based on the opponent’s life and are even more powerful.

Riot Games does not want to take preventive measures.
Vayne, Fiora, or Garen are just a few examples of champions that have actual damage based on the rivals’ life (maximum, current, or remaining). Especially in the case of the marksman and the duelist, this situation has caused many company employees to bet on them as some of the strongest champions in all League of Legends after the changes. However, the workers of Riot Games are ready for what comes and plan to release an additional patch just 48 hours after the release of the next 12.10.

Riot Games hasn’t taken action ahead of time because they don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. It’s much easier and more effective in the long run to let characters have a couple of days of no changes on the League of Legends live server and accumulate a lot of data than it is to make adjustments a priori. On other occasions, the developers have wanted to make adjustments based on theory, and, they did not work. An experience that has helped define the action protocol for the next version.

The best we can do is keep an eye out for actual damaged characters and try to take advantage of them as soon as the new patch is implemented. League of Legends will be somewhat unbalanced for some time, but we can take advantage of the situation to raise MMR and reach an even higher rank than we should.