Salt and Sacrifice Celus Zend Mage Hunt Guide

CLEUUS Zend, a mourning winter magician, is a formidable opponent in the game “Salt and Sacrifice”. In this leadership, we will tell you how to find the target of Zenda in Salt and Sacrifice, to defeat him and easily complete the hunt for the magician.

Salt and Sacrifice Celus Zend, The Mage Winter Mage Location

Celus Zend can be found in the village of Ashborn. He will first appear west from this village before going east to the obelisk. Then he will go to the west again before disappearing forever, leaving you only a trace. To find it at this moment, we will spend you from the obelisk located there.

From the village of Ashborn, go to the left side / to the west of the village. You would not want to run inside the tunnel, instead you need to go up. Not far from it there is a kind of intersection where intersecting paths lead you up.

You do not need to rise to the end, just climb the first stairs and go to the right/east. You will get to the point where there is a cliff and a tree on the other side. Climb this tree and break through to the other side.

Salt and Sacrifice Mage Hunt Celus Zend, The Mourning Winter Location
On the other hand is the house you need to enter. Inside this house there will be a frozen figure with which you need to interact in order to awaken the village of Zenda. After the battle, he will disappear.

Now leave the house from the other end to get to the stairs leading up. This staircase will again lead you to the target of Zeld, where this time you will fight him forever.

How to defeat Selus Zenda in Salt and Sacrifice

To begin with, we need to understand what is in the Arsenal of Celus Zend. He has many attacks that you need to pay attention to, both in near and in distant battle.

If you try to fight with a target Zenda close, he will attack you with his sword. Its attacks are quite fast and cause great damage.

If he gets you with this attack, you will be knocked down. You will also have to deal with the effect of bleeding when you lose your health every few seconds.

If you try to fight the target of Zenda from afar, he will make one of two (one after another). It can cause a cloud -type ball, which dumps snow shells from the sky (you can dodge them, rolling around), or slide to you with a sword directed forward, for a quick blow (this cannot be fended).

Celus Zend can also call a couple of minions to attack you whose names are indicated below.

  • Rejected van
  • Ice slave
  • Burned Scullin
  • Ice knight

These minions will be caused only during the first battle. He will cause the cloud only in the final battle.

Remembering this, there are several things that you can do so that the outcome of this battle is in your favor. The best way to defeat the target of Zenda is distant attacks. When you meet Celus Zend, run to the other end of the platform. As soon as you find yourself at the end, throw shells into it. You will have enough time to inflict decent damage due to its slow mobility.

If he calls this cloud and it reaches you, make a throw, return to the end of the platform and repeat the process. If he caught you with his attack with slipping and shakes up, get up and run to the other end of the platform. As soon as you find yourself there, use a medical potion or two to restore your health points, and repeat the same thing.

Following this strategy, you will quickly turn the target of Zenda from your feet. As soon as he falls, just go to him and finish it.

Salt and Sacrifice Celus Zend, The Mourning Winter Mage Drops/Rewards

After the victory over Tselus Zeld, a mourning winter magician, you will receive the following items:

  • Ice light
  • Ice vein
  • Frozen heart
  • Blue finger
  • Salt x500
  • Frospir
  • Silver x250