Max Payne 3 demonstrates why Rockstar should make more linear games

Despite having a decade and three generations of consoles ago, Max Payne 3 remains a classic that still has no rival within its gender. Take advantage of all Rockstar Games strengths, from fantastic writing to embrace your desire to create linear shows. Max Payne 3 has left many wanting more, either through a sequel or remastering. Despite these orders of a more modernized version, this is a game that still remains tremendously well and, in some way, feels more advanced than some of Rockstar’s most recent games.

Max Payne 3 raised the ribbon of the third -person shooting games with their gameplay. Remedy Entertainment had already redefined how to make a shooting game with the first two tickets, but a gap of almost 10 years between max payne 2 and 3 allowed technology to evolve and gave Rockstar the opportunity to apply its detail oriented approach to the details For the design of the game to the series. Remedy created the base of Max Payne, an ingenious shooting game that made you feel like a great action hero, but was overwhelmed by technology and budgetary limitations at that time. Max Payne 3 enhances all Remedy ideas, giving them a much more tangible immersive quality that eliminates many of the barriers between the player and the character on the screen, ultimately unifying them as a single entity. Max Payne 3 Gives players Total Control over Max. Not only his arms and legs, but his body. Rockstar applied its animation -based movement to create a smooth and fluid experience that immerses the player in chaos.

The shooting at Max Payne 3 is a large part of this. It is about precision, and is relentlessly satisfactory. This is a game that greatly deter the player from using any type of self -appunic and encourages the game’s free pointed system. It really helps put the player in Max’s shoes and creates a truly rewarding experience. You want your great deaths, you save yourself from a close call: you are all you, not the game that helps you give you the illusion of control.

That precision also extends to the movement of the game. Rockstar created a movement system that allows a very flexible max that does not have to turn the whole body of it 90 degrees just to turn right. If the player runs straight down a hall, but there are enemies shooting Max from his right, Max can keep his impulse and turn his hips to shoot without stopping dry or start moving awkwardly towards his attackers. Max Payne 3 The weapons game works because it feels loose and not tight and restrictive. Even if you throw yourself against an object during a Shootdodge (the characteristic diving movement of Max Payne), forcing you to leave the moment in slow motion, Max does not automatically get up to expose himself to a bullet storm. The player can go to bed there and roll on the floor until he is ready, allowing a moment of brief coverage in the floor.

Max is like a bullet train with the brakes torn, nothing more than an absolute permanent ending will prevent you from achieving your goals. He is always precipitating through each level to rescue someone, escape a dangerous situation or kill some1. The impulse is always accumulating towards the explosive climax of the game and there is not much time to regain breath. You cannot stop because only a few bullets are needed well placed to tear down Max, so you should always be moving, which is why mechanics as shootdodging are so crucial to survive in this game.

You are obliged to act instinctively lifting weapons from the ground while elusive bullets, jumping through things or from balconies, shooting objects to cause environmental destruction, etc. Although Max can take some analgesics and cure yourself, it is not. Take a lot to kill him. He is incredibly vulnerable and forces the player to be alert and actively improvise. As the Maverick of Tom Cruise says in arma superior “you have no time to think […] if you think, you are dead.”

However, the insistence of the game in which the improvised player goes beyond shooting weapons and strategic movements. The physics and animations of the game are another tool that the player can abuse and use for their benefit. If you shoot someone on the arm or leg without killing him, he can stumble with the person at his side, which makes them vulnerable to both. You can jump on someone and knock him down, shoot someone until he loses his balance and falls down some stairs, or make someone stumble upon a body in front of him. AI are not perfect murderers who do not make mistakes: they stumble as much as the player. In a game in which it may be easy to run out of ammunition in your favorite weapons, it is incredibly useful to be able to strategically use some bullets to make an enemy stagger for a moment or even use Max’s own body against enemies. dive directly on them.

Beyond the shooting and combat, perhaps the most interesting of Max Payne 3 is that it is the last linear game that Rockstar made, and has some of its best level designs. Many have criticized Rockstar for having incredibly linear missions and about their huge open world games as a red -dead redness 2_. InRed Dead Convention 2_, unless the game explicitly tells you the opposite, you will often be punished for not doing something exactly like the game wants you to do it within a mission. For example, there is a mission in which you should sneak into an office in an oil refinery. The game asks you to sneak through the building to get to the office, but the player can avoid all this and climb the roof to reach a window that leads to the office. However, if the player does this, he will immediately fail in the mission.

Part of the reason for this is that Rockstar has deliberately designed all its missions in a very specific cinematographic way. Some players hate this, some people, like me, don’t care so much. These missions tell a story, and have carefully orchestrated the levels to reflect that, but it can be really frustrating or break your immersion if you misbehave this cinematographic moment.

Max Payne 3 does not have this problem at all because it is linear due to design and is not in direct conflict withRed deadness 2_ the exploration and freedom of the open world. There is no objective that requires you to sneak inside a building or something, the only objective is to knock every1. The game even doubles this by having additional modes that allow you to demonstrate your ability through counterreloj tests or punctuation attacks. The levels in themselves are nothing more than narrow halls, closed buildings, which leaves very little space for the player to color outside the meticulous Rockstar lines. They are intricately designed to give you a small recreation courtyard to play with the mechanics of the game, but they deliberately ensure that you do not deviate from Rockstar’s vision and, at the same time, interrupt your own fantasy of power.

There is a great battle at a police station that is simultaneously experiencing a civil lifting, a shooting driven in an airport terminal, a shooting in a nocturnal night club with strobe light Bus at full speed through the streets. From Brazil while Max hangs aside, shooting an SMG. It is constant chaos and this type of moments make the game feel varied. There are no subsequent missions or any other unpleasant mission type present in some other games: it is just shooting all the time but with more striking ways to present it. In any other game, that could be really dangerous. You run the risk of exhausting the player by forcing him to do the same for more than 10 hours, but Rockstar has only confidence in his game, and rightly so.

The linearity of Max Payne 3 still offers freedom due to the control you have about Max on each scenario. You have the opportunity to be the action hero without him feeling too choreographed or staged. The game trusts that you are a rude instead of taking control to make you believe that you are through fast time events. Even at times with script, like Bullet Time’s scenes, the game does not fail you if you don’t kill everyone in front. It offers you a strategic advantage to kill as many people as you can before the Bullet Time is exhausted, where you will then have to use yourself with the people you could not finish. Once you really dominate the game, start feeling like the closest we will be of a true adaptation of John Wick.

Rockstar was able to create a unique action experience without distractions. They do not have to divide teams to make secondary missions, environmental life and anything else that is needed to create a rich open world. That immense focus on simply perfecting something as common in video games as shooting because every thing in the game had to revolve around that idea that turned out that Rockstar created one of the most refined game experiences of the last decade. Max Payne 3 was built around a very simple and central concept and could excel with it.

Max Payne 3 It is like the condenar of gaming games in the third person and should serve as a basis for another rockstar games title. Then grand Theft Auto Vi, will rockstar really sink into another open world game for 5-10 years? I love that kind of games, but it would make much more sense to take a short break of all that and make Rockstar invested in another linear action game in which I can take advantage of all its strengths. It may be easier to say it than doing it, but Rockstar should not have problems doing something linear with a great game of arms, a varied level design and exciting scenarios with a substantial narrative that drives everything.