A third party unrelated to “slowly farce drama” is a trademark registration -Application agency apologizes for this matter

On May 15, 2022, it announced that Youtuber’s Yuzuha has acquired the trademark right of “ slowly farce drama “. This trademark has been widespread before he worked, and was originally a derivative content of others’ works **, so it has been controversial on the Internet.

“Slowly (take me slowly !!!!)” is the secondary of the barrage shooting “East Project” series of the circle “Shanghai Alice Genrakudan”, which is the “ZUN (or priest)” Junya Ota. Creative content. Although it is unknown, it is said that the ASCII art (AA) written by a graphicer, D -Putosaki, who works for a game company, on the major bulletin board site “2channel (currently 5 Channel)” is the prototype.

Mr. Maso of the AA of “Slowly !!!”, which was finally established on the bulletin board, was illustrated, and many creators have created various versions. Later, when the video site “Nico Nico Douga” became widespread in Japan, a contributor who dubbed the text reading software “SoftoLK” appeared “slowly” appeared. It is a commonplace that this led to the so -called “slow voice” image.

In Nico Nico Douga, “Slowly Live Play”, which “slowly”, “Slowly commentary”, which explains various things, “Slowly farce drama” depicting characters between characters, and gradually spread to Youtube. I decided to go.

This time, Mr. Yuzu, who registered the “slow farce drama” trademark, is Youtuber (quoted from his own channel outline column) who started his activities as a live commentator in another name in March 2015. Regarding the use of this trademark, he claims in his videos that the usage fee of 100,000 yen (excluding tax) is required per year, but in the video, it is used in “a form that causes misunderstandings and confusion”. Although it is noted that it is prohibited, it does not mention what the specific case applies, and there is no denying the possibility that it will affect the related content, “Slow live play”.

In addition, the content of “Slow Slow!” In 2020 was clarified in 2020, based on ZUN, D -Putsaki, and Maso, and that it is the category of secondary creation of the series. However, Yuzuha has expressed his work that he has nothing to do with him.

However, he argues that “Slowly Chaefrontal Drama” is “one of the Touhou secondary creative works **” in the video posted in 2021 (currently a private and can be confirmed by Web Archive). increase. At present, there are some derivative characters that are not related to “Touhou Project”, which imitates only the style of painting, but there is no explanation of the inconsistent with the opinions at that time, so how far the trademark is covered. It is unknown whether it will be.

In addition, while the original author ZUN tweeted, “I will check with those who are familiar with the law,” while the doujin circle president, Mario Beat, said in the video released the other day. We are already moving. I want you to calmly act. “

“Touhou Project” has also caused a trademark registration by a third party in 2011 (it has been resolved and ZUN has acquired trademark rights), and this “Slow Tea Baseball” trademark registered. Perhaps because it has been published after the opposition period (trademark registration invalid trial is possible), fans and video creators are ripples.

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The sea patent office, who applied for a trademark registration in this case, apologized, “I did not know that it was a trademark loved by everyone, and I did not say that I was inconvenient.” Unfortunately, I could not notice that it was well known in a limited range because there was no information provision. ” According to the office’s view, the invalid trial may “claim that even if there is no national intellectuality, it is a well -known trademark in one region (item 10 of the same paragraph), and it may be confused (paragraph). It is expected that it will be contested in No. 15), the purpose of fraud (No. 19) of the fraud (No. 19), and it has not yet been confirmed the trademarker’s thoughts on how it will be involved. explained.

By the way, Coyu.live, a river community, to which Mr. Yuzuha belongs, revealed that he had issued a warning to him. Meanwhile, Nico Nico Douga Toshitaka Kurita will discuss with Dwango Legal Department and announce his official view as Nico Nico by May 21.

In the GAME*Spark editorial department, Yuzuha used the creator support platform “UUUUM CREAS” developed by UUUM on Twitter profile as an actual UUUM affiliated (currently deleted, is deleted. You can confirm the description. May 15, 2022, 14:13, here is the web fish culture here), asking the company to comment on whether there is a possibility that such a person may impose some penalty for such a use. 。