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List of skins Borderlands 3 – Amara, FL4K, Mose and Zane

Borderlands 3 offers users many ways to configure their storage seekers playing a popular shooter shooter. Users begin with a standard skin for the storage seeker they have chosen, but cars with a quick shift allow you to alternate skins with some options that allow you to move templates.

Our list of skins Borderlands 3 shows all the cosmetics for the whole body that you can find, earn or buy in the game for Amara, FL4K, MOZE and Zane! Many skins in Borderlands 3 have the same names regardless of the storage seeker, but their appearance is different. Some skins also have unique titles for each character.

list of skins Borderlands 3

Skins in Borderlands 3 change the appearance of the character, but other factors may change depending on your storage seeker. If you use FL4K, your pets will change color with Beastmaster. If you use a mose, its fur will have a new color after you change the skins, and the vehicle cars may look different depending on its skin.

Below you will find a list of all sins that players can purchase for each of the four hunters for storage facilities in the game. Each character is available more than 50 skins and although some skins are similar, how they transform each storage seeker is unique.

VIP all

The following skins were issued as a reward to the Vault Insider program for 3,000 points. The VIP action ended on May 18, 2022, and these skins became inaccessible. You can learn more about the events of Borderlands 3 here.

Amara *: ordinary repetition
FL4K : ordinary repetition
mose : ordinary repetition
* Zane : ordinary repetition

Mission, World/Monster Drops, skins of MOXXI slot machines

The following skins are available through loss in the world and awards for missions. Perform the mentioned basic and side missions and explore the world if you are a sentimental collector of skins. Some skins fall out of enemies, and you may be lucky if you scroll the slots in Moxxi to get them.

skins Amara

* Skin Sirens (by default)

BORDERLANDS 3 | All Customization Options & Skins for Amara, FL4K, Moze & Zane So Far

Skins FL4K

* skin of the Loveris of Beasts (by default)

skins mose

* Skin Strelka (by default)

Skin Zane

* Skin Operator (by default)

universal skins

Classic Atlas * (Atlas, finally, plot mission)
Kaustik Bloom (The plot mission “The first seeker of the vault”)
The being of the night (falling over the world)
Ectoplasmic * (falling over the world)
Extreme caution (falling over the world)
gilded rage (plot mission “Cold as a grave”)
Hyperion beast * (falling over the world)
Jangle James (falling over the world)
Labradortila (falling over the world)
Wet flag * (falling over the world)
Dirty massacre (falling over the world)
insatiable (falling over the world)
Corporate style * (The plot mission “Great vault”)
Of course, why not? (falling over the world)
turquoise call (falling over the world)
* Tripi hippies (falling over the world)

Office of a crazy Count Eridium

universal skins

Stamp of the amplifier * (155 Eridiy)
Angin Wash (120 Eridia)
chewing bum (155 Eridiy)
dressed scheme * (155 Eridiy)
Freedom of fashion (200 Eridia)
Turning off Fanca (200 Eridia)
Hear my roar * (90 Eridia)
HOW Rod (120 Eridia)
Hunting season (90 Eridia)
neon dreams * (270 Eridia)
pump my raider * (200 Eridia)

skins of the guide rank

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