Netflix takes a new look at the fourth season of Stranger Things

One of the most striking aspects of _ Stranger Things _ is its narrative structure. Each season presents different stories that converge at a single point, thus creating different combinations of characters. This will not be the exception with the fourth season, and a new series of posters leave this more than clear .

Stranger Things 4 | Bienvenue en Californie VOSTFR | Netflix France
One of the most important points of the fourth season of Stranger Things will be to discover how Hopper survived his alleged death, and how to rescue him from his prison in Russia. In this way, Joyce and Murray will be responsible for answering these doubts . Thus, three new posters, one for each of the aforementioned characters, make more than clear the dynamics of this group.

With the first part of the fourth season planned for May 27 , there are still a couple of weeks left for the expected return of the series. In this period of time, we are likely to see more advances of this type. In related issues, this was what cost each episode this season. Similarly, Netflix has shared new animated shorts from stranger Things.