Juve star after Raiolas death with emotional words and a promise

Matthijs de Ligt von Juventus Turin emotionally commented after the death of his agent Mino Raiola. “Now it is time for us to swap the roles: you have done everything for us and now we have to do everything for the people you loved the most,” promised the central defender.

For the Dutch, Raiola was “the villain against everyone” and his best friend.

He was “not ready to write this message and I think I will never be,” the 22-year-old wrote at the beginning of his long contribution: “It is too early for us players, for your family, but above all for you. You still had so many dreams to do so many things. “

In 2019, the star agent ensured that de Ligt switched to Juventus Turin for a transfer of 85 million euros.

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“I thought you crazy when you told me about your plans, but in the end you were always right,” said the former Ajax jewel: “You knew how the world works. Nothing is impossible and you have that shown the whole world. “

Balotelli: Raiola “like a second father”

He was able to talk to Raiola about anything because he was someone “who knew so much about certain things that I was annoyed by myself that I didn’t ask you anymore.” De Ligt is certain, “that I can ask you and cuddle you again at some point, because I miss you too much now. I love you, Mino.”

Mario Balotelli also reacted to the death of his long -standing consultant. “You will always be with me, in life and in football,” wrote Balotelli on Instagram and posted a common picture. “Your allegations, help, advice, jokes and plans will always be remembered.”

“I love you and will always love you like a second father,” added Balotelli. “I know that you will always be present in our lives from up there! Good trip, Mino.”

Star consultant Mino Raiola died at the age of 54

After a long and serious illness, Raiola died on Saturday at the age of only 54. #

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“Mino fought with the same strength to the end with which he defended our players at the negotiating table,” said a statement on his official Twitter account.