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How to get married and have children in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Marry and having children is always a good goal for some people, but in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, it also serves as insurance. If you have a family, you have an heir, which means that you can catch an ax or an unfortunately placed lance and your inheritance will live.

How to get married

Marry is surprisingly difficult in the game, thanks to the traditions of the time. First of all, you have to go to a big city and start looking for an appropriate partner. Like once, homosexual marriage is not one thing, so keep an eye on an appropriate person of the opposite sex.

Go to the Lord’s room in town, then tell the guards you want to talk to some1. At the top left of the screen, you will see the portraits of Lords and Ladies. Open the page in the encyclopedia for them by right -clicking on the portrait, then check their matrimonial condition.

When you find a properly single nobleman, the court game can start. It might be better to record the foam a little if you really want to get down, because the process is based on skills checks to keep their interest. If you cannot impress, you will not get another blow with this particular noble. You will have to try to choose the right answers to the various questions that the noble will ask you. All the answers will display the probability of success, so simply choose the most likely answers. When it’s done, you can tell them that you admire them and ask them to get married.

Go through it will be much easier by having good reputation and a lot of status, as it will affect the chances of failure for each question.

It becomes a little confusing here, like many things in Bannerlord at the moment, but you can leave for a while, then come back and answer another series of questions. If that succeeds, you will then have to put their families by your side.

Find out about their cork, and they will tell you who they are. Use the encyclopedia to find out where they are, then go for it and talk about the finalization of marriage.

How To Marry and Have Children In Mount And Blade Bannerlord (Beginners Guide)
This means that you have to pay because a woman or a husband is not free bannerlord. Once the money is earned, you will have a brand new partner to direct the clan with you.

How to have children

To have children, simply have the NPC husband or woman in your group, and this will happen automatically after a while. To get them to join the party, just talk to them in the city where they live.

Now we do not yet know how a pregnancy will affect a female character if you play as such, so that a particular part of the miracle of life will have to remain a mystery for a little while, but we will update the article when we find outside.