SIFI details its free updates

Released on February 08, 2022, SIFU has undeniable qualities, which allowed it to make more than a million sales.
However, as Hachim0n pointed out in his test, the game is also too demanding;
The developers had promised to correct this defect and if this correction is still not available in play, they have unveiled their intentions more detailed.
On the menu for this year, four free updates.
The first of them, scheduled for this spring, will add two new modes of difficulty: “disciple” and “master”.
The first will offer a simpler experience, while the second will still crush things.

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In addition, a training mode will better familiarize yourself with the principles of the game.
It will be necessary to see when this update will be released and if it will really make its promises, but the fact that the Sloclap team strives to respond to one of the main demands of the community is laudable.