FCS trainer Koschinat: We dont want to leave anything untried

“In the end, we logically don’t want to leave nothing to reach this place. We are no longer in the situation in which we were long to defend the attractive places. Now we have to attack them,” says FCS coach Uwe Koschinat in of the press conference as a direction for the upcoming three games.

In order to catch up with the four points behind the current fourth place in 1860, 1. FC Saarbrücken has to take three points from Berlin on Friday evening and then look at the competitors from Munich, Osnabrück and Mannheim.

Despite the low chance of participating in the trophy, Koschinat does not want to let the season run out for two more reasons. On the one hand, “the scale from last season is still to be improved” when the FCS reached fifth place with 59 points. On the other hand, Koschinat also sees “the absolute duty to create an absolutely clean and fair situation for the competition.”

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“You have to process the setback first”

The FCS recently lost to the relegation -threatened SC Verl and thus also the good starting position in the race for fourth place. In the review, Koschinat can understand that the derby defeat against Kaiserslautern was still in the heads of the team: “Simply that we had the hope of taking something really countable over a really long period of time and then simply admitted to ourselves after the defeat that that had to be admitted that we had to admit that at the latest. it is not enough this year. You have to process the setback first. “

Against Viktoria Berlin, Koschinat expects a “disgusting game” in which his team has to appear with “absolute physical presence”. “If you only reduce yourself on the possession of the ball and a certain fairness in duel behavior, that’s not enough,” emphasizes the trainer, even with a look back at the defeat against Verl.

Furthermore, Koschinat has to do without Adriano Grimaldi (Achilles tendon problems), Manuel Zeitz (groin problems) and Pius Krätschmer (thigh problems).