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SSD NVME compatible PS5 on promo to FNAC

If you are a happy owner of a PS5, it is likely that you need to extend the slightly narrow storage of the console. Fortunately, it is possible to add an SSD NVME PCIe Gen 4 to the console, such as the WD_BLACK SN850 currently on sale at FNAC for € 179.99 per 1 TB and € 319.99 for the 2 TB.

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Лучший M.2 SSD для Playstation 5. Как установить и сколько игр поместится?
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If the storage of the PS5 surprised everyone by its speed and its reduced loading times, its capacity, of 825 GB, on the other hand has not been unanimous. In walking order, there are only 600 GB left to install games, which is not very much when we see that the games are more and more greedy. Fortunately, to overcome this, Sony allows users to add their own SSD in the console. However, it must meet certain criteria.

The wd_black SN850 is an SSD officially compatible with the console. Indeed, it meets all the requirements of the Japanese brand. It is therefore an SSD M.2 2280 NVME PCIe Gen 4.0. In terms of reading and writing speeds, it goes far beyond Sony’s expectations, reaching up to 7,000 MB/s in reading and 5,300 MB/s in writing. Obviously, in order not to suffer from the confined space of the PS5, this SSD NVME is surmounted by a thermal dissipator, allowing to better control the rise of mercury on the components of the SSD.

Right now, this PS5 compatible SSD is on promotion at Fnac. If you need 1 additional TA, it will cost you € 179.99 while gamers needing 2 storage TB will have to spend € 319.99. This is the lowest price observed on this wd_black SN850 2 to Heatsink.

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Discover the wd_black SN850 1 TO at Fnac

Discover the wd_black SN850 2 TO at Fnac

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