How to blow up a large bomb in Teardown

Testing NUCLEAR BOMBS In A Minecraft World (Huge Damage)
Teardown is a game in which you have to solve the robbery truly creatively and destructively. Some of these robberies ask you to destroy buildings, steal data from computers and hack the areas. To make robberies, you can use a variety of types of weapons, including the most powerful bomb in the game – nitroglycerin. You can unlock this bomb as soon as you reach the 100th level in the second chapter of the game.

You can distinguish nitroglycerin from a regular bomb due to its orange glow. It also cannot be blown up immediately after you put it. To blow up nitroglycerin, you need to damage it with a weapon or in any other way. You can shoot him from a pistol or even crash into it by car.

When it explodes, the remaining damage can leave a fairly large hole so that a car passes through it. It is also important to note that the explosion can also apply a very high level of damage to the player, so it would be safe to stay at a decent distance.

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