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[Photo Essay] Theme Park for Children, Legoland Korea

Address: Gangwon Chuncheon -si load road 128 Legoland Korea Resort
Official opening: May 5, 2022
Operating hours: Since it is fluid, it is necessary to check the calendar on the homepage
How to visit: Pre -booking through the homepage

Lego is a familiar and new ‘toy’. When I was young, I still remembered that LEGO Brick poured it on the floor and assembled it. It can be seen as an expansion of play.

Now Lego is not something strange to gamers. You can meet various IPs such as Marvel, DC, and Star Wars as a game, and you can enjoy the Super Mario series as a real LEGO Brick. This is not just a real assembly product, but also due to the various attempts of LEGO, including animation, games, AR, and recent partnerships related to Epic Games and Meta Bus.

Like this, Lego is definitely a toy for children, but it is not exclusive to children. Many adults can play Lego with games and real bricks. For such adults, no, I have been to a place where everyone can be happy if I like Lego. It is Chuncheon Legoland Korea. Even though I went alone, even though I was a family unit except that, Legoland was better than I thought, despite the rain and the gray sky.

Although the hotel -related facilities have not yet been opened, the most important big shops that can purchase rare LEGO products have not yet opened, but attractions, restaurants, and experience spaces in five theme spaces, including Ninja, Castle, Lego City, Pirate Sea, and Bricktopia All were able to enjoy them normally. The gift shop, which is one of each theme space, could be heard very normally. The hotel will operate related facilities such as Big Shop in July.

The space for each theme feels like it’s made as an amusement park builder game such as a planet roller coaster and a roller coaster Tycoon. In particular, Ninjago, Castle, Pirates, and the City of City are good at the theme -specific characteristics as if they were in different places when they entered through the entrance door. It’s decorated to fit the theme, from interior to attractions, restaurants, mini game booths and gift shops.

Legoland Hotel Tour Amusement Park Family Fun for kids!!!

Personally, the best space was a mini -land that produced various cities in Korea. This place, which is made of LEGO and ruins in cities such as Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island, and Gyeongju, is one of Lego Land. It’s because they are surprised by the delicacy regardless of all ages.

Interestingly, Legoland itself is a thorough target of family customers, including children. The important thing here is ‘children’. The entire Legoland consists of a space where children can experience everything happily and happily.

Once you start the attraction, you only offer a thrill that’s all matched for children, except for roller coasters. Even roller coasters are much longer than the riding section of the ‘viewing section’ made of various castle bricks. And every attraction gives you time to ask and get off the children’s situation before starting.

One of the noticeable things is that some attractions are ‘together’ to be fun. Whether you are a family, a friend, or the first person you see at all, you must be with you. Let’s take some examples.

There is an attraction called Splash Battle, which allows you to ride a boat and shoot hard water guns. It’s an attraction that seems to be very watery from the name. However, the fence surrounding this attraction has water guns that can shoot toward the attraction. Likewise, there are water guns that can shoot outside. In other words, it is possible that the person riding the attraction and the person who visits outside can be together.

In fact, the children were really happy to shoot water guns, water guns, and on the boat. I just enjoyed it so much that I was happy to see me from the side. No child was angry or irritated why he was shooting water. That’s the power of play.

And there is a attraction called Fire Academy. It is such an attraction that takes a fire truck to turn off LEGO City’s fire. But this attraction cannot be enjoyed al1. The two people must pump so that the fire truck moves, and the two pumps must be pumped to the hose. And you have to move the direction of the hose and turn off the light of LEGO City. Most young children caught a hose.

Except for attraction, many parts of Legoland are set to the eye level of ‘children’. There is a play area where young children can play all over the Land, and the Lego experience space can be found everywhere. Most of the experience facilities are all in the height of the children, and the exhibits are suitable for the child’s size.

Not only. If you take the LEGO mini figures to the staff of Legoland, you can exchange it with the figures of each employee. Thanks to this, the children were excited and surrounded the staff, and they were courageous.

If Legoland is heaven to children, it is a place where you can break your wallet for adults. The main attraction by theme is connected to the exit and the gift shop, and each gift shop offers the theme of LEGO products and other popular LEGO products to the main. Don’t think like a normal amusement park gift shop. The most popular products for children, and the products that excite the hearts of adults who love Lego are ready.

However, there are still many problems to enjoy Legoland. The biggest of them is also related to ruins. In Chuncheon, where Legoland is located, there is the largest prehistoric site in Korea. In 2015, the ruins of the Bronze Age of the Bronze Age were revealed, and more than 8,000 artifacts and 48 dolmens were discovered. Gangwon -do promised to preserve the relics by creating a ruins park and museum.

However, there is no promise for museums and ruins parks that are planned to be created in line with the opening of Legoland. The site was a false version, and there was no phrase that there was a ruins near Legoland except for the banners of citizens and the mid -ruins.

Chuncheon Legoland Korea Landscape