FIFA 22: Title Update 10 – New PC patch available from 26 April

EA Sports has announced a new corrective patch for the football simulator FIFA 22 . The patch in question will be released on the day of Tuesday 26 April on the platforms PC e Stadia .

The update makes some changes to solve some problems encountered in the FIFA 22 gameplay. In addition, some problems of the Football Volta mode have been solved.

The patch in question will also be released in the next few days also for the platforms Playstation 5 , Playstation 4 , Xbox Series X and Xbox One . Below is the complete argirller of the Title Update 10 disclosed by the Canadian software house.


Solved the following problem:

  • In some situations, the controlled player of the team that was implementing the defensive phase slowed incorrectly when the team that was carrying out the offensive phase chased a high passage in depth.

Volta Football

Solved the following problem:

  • Skills sometimes did not activate when requested.

General, audio and graphics

Made the following changes:

  • Update some kits and elements of the user interface.
  • Added and updated two new faces.

The following problems resolved:

  • The hair was not displayed correctly on some players during the games.
  • Some texts are incorrectly in the audio settings.

How to install EEP MOD UPDATE for FIFA 22 TITLE UPDATE 9

FIFA 22 is expected for October 1 on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our social and Twitter social networks for other news and information.