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The benefits of the shawl have found you, Spa -kun -A MOD that NPC calls the name appears in “Skyrim SE”

In 2021, AI video game speech synthesis tool XVASYNTH was released. In the same year, a fanmaid trailer of “ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ” by this tool was released, and while the high accuracy was focused on, in the video comment section, “NPCs” Dragon Bone “Dragon B1. “I want to let my name say ** instead of” instead “is flooded with a high reputation. This week, the MOD “Say My Name”, which fulfills that desire, was developed and released to the PC version of “Special Edition” by Dan Ruta.

This mod is a batch file using the above speech synthesis tool. It allows you to replace all the lines of “Dragon Bone” in the game with any audio, that is, your name.

In addition, this MOD is compatible with English only, that if the name requires special pronunciation, the Xvasynth Ver.2.0 or higher is required, and the subtitles are still displayed as “Dragon Bone”. It is more noted.

Please check the Nexus Mods page for detailed introduction methods. This mod is an unofficial tool, so please take responsibility when introducing it.