Magdeburg police ended ascent celebration with water windows

With a water gadder insert, the police in Magdeburg ended a celebration of about 500 highly alcoholic football fans who celebrated the second league rise of the 1st FC on Sunday with a lot of pyrotechnics.
After repeated firecrackers were detonated at the Hasselbachplatz near the station near the train station, they have decided to use the water carpers, a police spokesman in the evening said.
27 people were politicians violent.
There have been attacks with bottles, stones and pyrotechnics.
Also in the area of the great DieDorfer Straße, a group of people of about 90 people blocked the road and lit numerous firecrackers.

Runaway tire smashes window of police cruiser
This also finished the police.

In the late Sunday evening, investigations were initiated, for example, because of the suspicion of property damage and the violation of the explosives law.
At least one police officer was injured.