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Spider-Man No Way Home: We know more about the author of Andrew Garfields 8K Leak on Scaffolding

While Spider-Man No Way Home has been available for the purchase in Digital and VOD since last April 14, on the side of Sony Pictures, we did not forget the famous video leak that made the internet shaking on September 11, 2021. Remember, a sequence of 3 seconds of Andrew Garfield squatted on a scaffolding with a blue background focused on Twitter. At this time – many were the people to shout at Deep Fake, trying to prove that it was an assembly to feed the rumors of the presence of the spider-men in the film. But very quickly, the extract ended up in 8K quality on YouTube, allowing some people (like me) to analyze the smallest details of the actor, shadow games and body movements. The Leak was real and this fantasy to land Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire alongside Tom Holland materialized.

Andrew Garfield Spiderman is Real - VFX Artists Explain Why

Several months after this mischief, Sony Pictures is always trying to find the author of this leak and it seems that the vice is tightening. Guest on a video of the Youtube channel “Sam and Niko” (5.56 million subscribers) to talk about SPIDER-MAN SFX No Way Home, Kelly Port (SFX Supervisor at Digital Domain who works closely with Marvel Studios) gave some Details on the potential source of this leak. For him, it is impossible for someone who has worked on the special effects of the film, but rather an external supplier. Indeed, the risk of racing such a sequence is far too risky for his team, who is used to working on Marvel’s “Top Secret” projects. He and his team worked on the special effects of Infinity War Avengers and Avengers Endongame without any leakage of this importance.

This kind of film involves thousands of people. Our team of visual effects was by far the most important, but generally, leaks do not come from the team of visual effects. We risk big and what prevents people from getting away from, it’s the risk of losing their jobs, kind forever. In this case, I think it’s an external supplier who is the manager.

When Marvel or Sony sends a sequence to a visual effects studio to start the job, we call it a turnover. And then when they get that, it’s usually sent as a sequence, and your name is displayed in watermark over the entire video, it is somehow from preventive medicine.

Obviously, for many, this leak, just like the others (thank you Jamie Foxx) have helped raise the hype around the film, whose incredible success obviously rests on the presence of the three spider-men. With $ 1.9 billion at the Global Box Office and more than 7 million entrances in France, Spider-Man No Way Home is by far the greatest success of recent years. It is therefore not forbidden that some Leaks could have been orchestrated to measure the impact of the spectaclers. The next film Marvel Studios who try to hide its contents none other than Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, since he too would present many guests surprises…