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LOL: The cat of a professional player will have his own skin and the result falls in love the community

League of Legends prepares for the imminent arrival of the most special skins of the year. Complying with tradition, Riot Games has created a new theme for honoring the Worlds 2021 Champion Team. Edward Gaming will accompany other historical sets such as Fnatic or Faker SK Telecom T1 with customized cosmetics created from each of the players. However, there will be a very special detail on this occasion. Instead of deciding to create an aspect that identifies himself, One of the world champions has dedicated it to his cat .

The cat that will have its own league of legends skin

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It is not unpublished that a world champion decides to honor another person with the personalized cosmetic of it. Doinb asked Riot Games a cosmetic from Malphite so that he and the wife of him could be immortalized. However, this one will be the first animal chosen by the players. The truth is that they had not had many opportunities either since League of Legends does not have many characters with this appearance. However, ** Yuumi gave Meiko a perfect pretext to honor the mascot of her.

Some members of the community realized the situation and Riot Games confirmed it, ensuring that the resemblance to the animal had been one of the demands of the EDG professional . The truth is that some details are very well recreated and adapted to the something more bravucon that characterizes the rest of the skins. Especially meritorious stains around the eyes and the detail that tries to emulate the bow tie with which the cat has ever appeared on social networks.

To make the story even more curious, it should be noted that Yuumi’s request would not have been the first of the player . Although Riot Games will have to officially clarify the situation, everything indicated that Meiko had chosen Lulu as his champion. However, the idea of dedicating it to her cat had to hang her head at the end of the worlds. Although she is not the favorite character of the League of Legends community, she mentioned it as one of her options. In this way, the feline will threaten the list of champions skins in the world.