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Sled Hammer Warzone Unlock – How to unlock the melee weapon of the 3rd season

Call of Duty Warzone Players can get another sled bracket in Season 3, and we can not imagine anything better. However, the Vanguard Sledgehammer develops a bit different from what we have previously seen – he will have an experimental design – sounds exciting, right? If you are looking for information on the activation of SLED HAMMER WARZONE, read on.

In advance, information SLED HAMMER WARZONE ONSONT The Call of Duty Blog describes this weapon as “the pride and the joy of a particular game development studio”. It is then called Junkyard Jet Sled Hammer, a melee option that is easy to expect.

If that sounds like something you want to install in your best Warzone Loadouts, then read on and we explain everything. There will be no major impact on the Warzone Meta, but it’s a lot of fun to beat your enemies with a suggestion hammer.

SLED HAMMER Warzone unlock

Warzone player who wants to get a new melee weapon into the fingers can do this Turn off the suggestion hammer in Warzone by completing a new melee challenge in season 3 .


At the moment we do not know what this challenge will include – but the chances are good that it will be easier to cope with Vanguard’s multiplayer mode or Call of Duty Zombies. In addition, when published, there will be a new shop bundle with a legendary proposal hammer weapons plan.

We will update this guide as soon as more information is available, but at the moment it’s all we know. If you want to keep an eye on the best Warzone weapons while approaching the release date of Warzone Pacific Season 3, then you are exactly right with us. There is also a Warzone Godzilla event before, so let yourself know here.