Elden Ring: What are the most downloaded models by the community?

While it is true that Rol Games generally have the largest community of modders, (it is enough to see the colossal Library of Mods that Skyrim), the action role plays like Elden Ring are also well assorted. This is so much more that Internet has an unfortunate tendency to disaffilize everything that is serious , so we will not hesitate to approach the Gore of _Fantasy dark of the middlelands!

That’s why today we ask ourselves the question: from Thomas the train Until claimed and controversial Easy mode Going through the darkest ideas of the players, What are the most used mods in Elden Ring?

The most used mods by players

Unlike many other games, the most popular modifications are simply technical or game improvements . Of course, there are more funky content, but it is not the most sought after. Here is the list of the most popular mods of recent weeks:

Alternator Antitrempas and Elden Mod Charger

Yes, well, it is a bit evident and it is strange to include them on the list, but the two mods that allow all others are, of course, the most used , of course. Anti-Cheat Toggler allows you to start the game without the function “ Easy Anti-Cheat “, which is essential if you play online. Therefore, the alternator will launch Elden Ring offline to be able to load the modifications. This part, Elden Mod Loader will take care of it. At the beginning, this script will launch all.dll files contained in your “Mods” folder.

Pause the game

Asmongold Reacts to

FromSoftware Games have this annoying tendency to not allow you to pause them correctly, with the exception of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice , which has often divided the community. If you are on the computer “A rest is good”, this MOD will allow you to breathe a little.

Easy mode and difficult mode

SoulsLikes It does not offer difficulty levels Unlike many games of the same gender, so your punitive (or not) side is intrinsic. It is not like the liking of all the players who would like to have a more peaceful adventure or shake their controller more with each fight. We will return to this a little below .

PS4 driver user interface

PC players can connect more or less any type of controller to their computer through multiple adapters. The problem is that it does not matter how the type of control that is inserted, the game graphically only recognizes the Xbox controls (with the A, B buttons, x and_, therefore). This MOD allows correctly reassigning the control map if you are using a PC PLAYSTATION driver.

Fix the camera

The native camera of the game is a monstrosity. Not only is it extremely slow, but sometimes it can be frankly imprecise. This MOD solves these problems for a more fluid and useful representation ** of what you see on the screen.


A great classic of the modders: You need Dynamic Light for a better game experience and a more complete immersion. Therefore, this mod improves colors and contrasts according to environmental light.

Emu Light – Improved MoveSet Utility

If you do not like the same button to have multiple different uses according to the context, this is the perfect mod for you. This fairly light feature simply break down the possible actions in the game to allow you to map more accurate controls.

Why is “easy mode” controversial?

SoulSLike’s purists can not tolerate that the game is simplified, so there was a small avalanche of scrawl comments when the community realized that the most downloaded mod in Nexus was the easy way. According to these players, the same principle of Elden Ring, as well as the older brothers, is to oppose the difficulty, so there is no point in playing the game in easy mode .

The followers of Easy Mode replicate that what really interests them is the story, the rich background of the Entre-Terre, and that the challenge is not what they are looking for in the Games. The explanation is understood, but obviously not for every1. Therefore, the debates around this mod are endless, while All types of players can enjoy their personal experience without worrying about what others do.