The best assemblies of Azumarill in Pokemon Unite

Azumarill – Middle Master, which succeeds in battles with a single goal in Pokémon Unite. Pokemon game can be misleading because it refers to the category “Easy”, but in Azumarill, there is some depth. These are the best items, combat items and reception kits for Azumarill in Pokémon Unite.

Best use for Azumarill

Azumarill flourishes, inflicting a single tariff damage. This is because of its ability, huge power . Applying one Pokemon damage, Azumarill always deals a critical strike. However, when a collision with several pokes, the attack will never lead to a critical strike.


Aqua tail and whirlpool These are the first moves that players choose in the fifth level and both are useful. Both receptions are restored by HP Azumarill, while the whirlpool is better suitable for builds from a close distance, and the aqua tail is good for the attack at a distance.

Water impetus and Play rude These are the second moves that players choose in seventh level and know how to slow down Pokemon. Water Pulse will reduce the speed of the enemy’s pokemon, while Play Rough will increase the speed of Azumarill and will give him the opportunity to temporarily stun Pokemon.

Restored subjects

Objects in hands can drastically change the move of the match, and Azumarill can use many of them with great efficiency.

  • lens sighting – the best object for Azumarill. Increases damage from a critical strike by 12 percent with a different amplification based on the characterization of the Azumarillic attack.
  • Attack weight – a good subject for Azumarill players who want to maximize their damage. Increases the ataction rate of Azumarill to six at the first level and 12 at level 20 each time they score a goal. This is summed up to six times.
    Buddy Barrier – This item is great for each Pokemon, as it increases their survival and helps in team battle. It creates a shield for Azumarill and for an ally with the smallest HP next to him whenever Azumarill uses its unifying stroke.
  • Muscle group – In the Bild Attack Bild for Azumarill Muscle Band is almost mandatory. It increases damage from the basic attack of Azumarill, depending on the HP of the Pokemon, with which it fits. It also increases the speed of these attacks.
  • Claw razors – Reducing the speed of movement of pokemon opponents with the help of this item gives excellent results and works well with the reception of Azumarill “Rough Game”. This subject also increases the basic attacks of the azumarill, depending on its attack characteristic.
  • Focus group – Although this keen object may not always work when Pokemon enemy destroys it, it can increase the survival rate of Azumarill. Combined with Whirlpool or Aqua Tail, Focus Band can ensure that Azumarill will cure damage from opposing Pokemon in battle.

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combat subjects

Combat items are mainly dependent on player’s preferences, but there is some synergy with some assemblies that players may want to consider.

Purpose – in combination with the power of attack, Goal Getter can ensure that Azumarill scores as often as possible to get their attack buffs. His high Culdown in 90 seconds may seem large, but if properly use it can provide points at the last minute.
* x Speed – Mobility is very important in Pokémon Unite, and players who do not use Play Rough may chase enemy pokemon too long. X SPEED can guarantee both the exit from the chase and the rapid completion of its low HP coocyons.
* X Attack – and Razor Claw, and Scope Lens increase their effectiveness with the enhancement of Azumarill’s attack. With an increase in the damage from the base attack, both Aqua Tail and Play Rough are strongly strengthened. Low restoration time is only 40 seconds – a good bonus.

whirlpool + rough game

This assembly focuses on damage to one goal during treatment to ensure that Azumarill survives in duels. Pokemon with explosive damage still threaten him, making Absol, Talonflame and Zeraora strong against him, but Azumarill can still survive in the correct circumstances.

Restored subjects

The lens of the sight will increase the damage applied by Azumarill, ensuring that Play Rough will cause as much damage as possible. Play the ability of Rough stun Pokemon increases the likelihood that enemy pokemon will be destroyed before it is destroyed.

The weight of the attack is the best option of Azumarill to enhance their attack, and players can take advantage of this Buff, scoring several times with low energy. Calculation of points even with one energy will still give Azumarill with a full stack.

Claw razors works well with the force of attack, as it increases its additional damage depending on the characteristics of the Azumarillic attack. It also makes that enemies can not escape from strong Azumarill. In combination with X Attack, it can melt enemy pokemon.

combat subjects

Both purposeful and x attack Combat items are an excellent choice for this assembly. Without Credit shield , Goal Getter can ensure that Azumarill will quickly get their attack strength buffs without any particular problems. X Attack can be used to ensure that players will get knockouts at the beginning of the game and will further strengthen their own items.

Aqua Tail + Rough Game

The purpose of this assembly is to increase the basic Azumarillia attacks. Aqua-tail and rough game Cancel each other from Therefore, it is important to remember this when using Pokemon. The idea of assembly is to use the “coarse game” on the Pokemones near and use the “Aquahvost” at a distance, or during chase, either running before the opposite strike.

Restored subjects

Muscle group will increase the speed and damage of the basic Azumarillic attacks. Since Aqua Tail and Play Rough change the basic attacks of the azumarill and strengthen them, this item also applies gain to these attacks.

The lens of the sight is mandatory on Azumarill because of how often it causes a critical damage. Regardless of the assembly, Scope Lens is the best source of Azumarill damage.

Buddy Barrier This is what will support life like Azumarill, and his teammates during team fights, because in the late game he has not so much survival.

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combat subjects

Both x speed and x attack can be used to further increase the combat capacity of Azumarill. X SPEED can ensure that Azumarill returns to battle or runs away from it when necessary. X Attack is designed to increase damage and ensure the rapid completion of the battle of Azumarill.

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