Where to find Monte Island in Lost Ark

Monte Island This is the island of adventure, which can be found from the north-west coast South Verne in Sea of Heaven .

Since this is an adventure island, it is only available at a certain time and in certain dates indicated on the Adventure Island Schedule Compass Rin . To find out when you can complete the adventure island, you can view the alarm settings and bring the mouse pointer to the Monte Island in the drop-down menu of the adventure island.

Monte Island Travel Guide

Adventure quest begins immediately after players arrive on the island, their goal is to gain a total of 5,000 points. You can earn glasses by collecting chests that appear on the map. There will also be inlets in secret places inside different trees around the card, which will also lead you to more chests.

As soon as the first player picks up 5000 points, the awards are distributed depending on how everyone was in.

  • 1st place Award for participation on Monte Island x30 and 20 000 silver
  • 2 place – award for participation on Monte Island X28 and 15,000 silver

  • 3 place – award for participation on the island of Monte Island X26 and 10,000 silver
  • 4 place – award for participation on Monte Island X24 and 1500 silver
    • Award for participation ** – award for participation on the island of Monte Island x22 and 1500 silver

Monte Island breakdown

In addition to the adventure quest, on the island of Monte there are other features that you can take advantage.

  • 4 seed wet

* Merchant life instruments
* Here you can purchase tools for trading newcomers for 1500 silver apiece.
* Exchange trader
* Unusual class chest with engraving – weekly limit 5/5
* Chest with rare class engraving – weekly limit 2/2
* Crew application form: Bharat
* Crew application form: Ratina
* Montte Island Fair
* This is a random fall when opening Award for joining Monte Island subject after participating in Quest.

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