Bugsnax is a real PS5

Bugsnax appeared to the launch of the PS5 and was the first PS Plus game for Sony’s new console. Now, however, the title relies on its status as PlayStation Exclusive and also comes for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch. Just in time for transformation to the Mulitplatform game, the great free extension “Isle of Bigsnax” appears.

Bugsnax - Announcement Trailer | PS5

When does Bugsnax appear for Xbox and Switch? This month is the time ago. From the 28. April you can play bugnax on the consoles of Microsoft and Nintendo. The free DLC will be released on the same day. Directly to the Xbox-Launch lands the game also in the Game Pass (via Xbox-Wire).

Here is the complete lineup for the Game Pass in April:

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That awaits you in Bugsnax

But what is bugsnax at all for a game? Well, it takes you at the beginning of the campaign to the island of Schleckum, on which the naming bugsnax – a mixture of beetles and foods – do it impaired. Sounds funny, but it’s like that. You can find and catch over 100 species of strange beings. A surprisingly dark story unfolds.

What Bugsnax has everything to offer, read in the Game Pass test.

Model Pokémon Snap: Even if you can catch the monsters, bugsnax reminds more about Pokémon Snap than a regular Pokémon game. It is not about exercising the beetles and fighting against each other. Instead, it’s about catching themselves. In order to be a bugnax and to be able to make things, you have to solve a kind of puzzle, because every being has its own preferences and dislikes.

These are the free new content for bugsnax

In the update “Isle of Bigsnax” you can explore a completely new island inhabited by huge bugsnax. In addition to new monsters, NPCs with fresh orders and stories are waiting for you in the jungle setting. Have you played a bugsnax, that’s no problem, because the game sends you back to the point before the last mission (via playstation.blog).

A trailer has the extension also:

When exploring the island you have to familiarize yourself with new game mechanics like a shrink spice. Before you open, you have to start the adventure only in Naschingen. By the way, you will get your own hut with the update, which you can beautify with decoration items. Last but not least, you can still put the prisoner bugsnax hats that you must first find.

Have your bugsnax already played, or do you get it now for Xbox or Switch?