Halo Infinite: This Glitch in the campaign can not be exploited soon

In the Campaign of Halo Infinite you can shoot as Master Chief with the Scorpion Gun proper opponent over the pile.
But that should not be possible.
Thanks to a glitch you can tell the Scorpion Gun, which is actually about the weapon of a Scorpion tank, in a kind of hand version under the nail.
But you will close the glitch with the beginning of Season 2 on 03 May 2022.
This announced John “Unyshek” Junyszek Senior Community Manager at 343 Industries, Via Twitter.
Anyone who wants to take advantage of the Glitch to bring themselves to certain successes that should hurry.

Halo Infinite - Scorpion Gun / Secret Scarab Tank Cannon Gun - Easter Egg / Glitch

As you come to the Scorpion Gun, this video will show you from Noob Gaming Guides: