Former number one attacks Djokovic: King of stupidity

Novak Djokovic has been criticized in Monte Carlo from the former world ranking first Marcelo Rios before the beginning of the Master’s start of the Master. The reason for this is that the Serb has not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19.

“He’s too arrogant,” said the Chilene Rios over Djokovic. He himself doubled at the vaccine: “But then I had to travel and have vaccinated.”

The 46-year-old emphasized: “If you want to become the best player of history, and give the race for a vaccine, then one is the king of stupidity.” And on, “I believe he was afraid in the beginning. But now he is too arrogant.”

Novak Djokovic called the 'King of Stupidiety' and blasted for being 'too arrogant'

Djokovic was only able to compete in Dubai this season because there was no vaccination for entry. Now he will celebrate his comeback in Monte Carlo on European ground. Since the Corona measures are currently relaxed, it is currently likely that the 20-fold Grand Slam Champion can complete a complete sandplace season.

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Rios had led the World Ranking in 1998 for six weeks. In his career he won 18 individual titles, a Grand Slam was not underneath.