Elden Ring: Video explains complete lore and background history

No matter if you Elden Ring or also former titles from from Software like Dark Souls plays, you really have a plan from the story. Creator Hideetaka Miyazaki hides the action of his titles in many small ambient details and obscure texts and calls for a lot of research and exploring the players, if you want to understand everything. Luckily, there is a dedicated community that takes every smallest detail under the magnifying glass.

Elden Ring's Lore: Explained!

The story of Elden Ring at a glance

If you want to know what you’ve missed everything at your adventure in the intermediate country , then you should look at the video from Youtuber Vaatividya times. He has compactly summarized the Complete Story of the title compact in 30 minutes for fans. In the video, the Content Creator entered various areas of ELDEN ring. Most recently, the Youtuber has already dedicated the story of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro.

George R. R. Martin was involved in Elden Ring

Even at the revelation of Elden Ring, from software proudly announced that Author George R. R. Martin \ – known for the book template of Game of Thrones – is involved in the development. Officially, he was responsible for the creation of the world . How much proportion he has at the history of Elden Ring was not concretely communicated. George R. R. Martin said, among other things, on his blog for “historic megahit” from from software.

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Speedrun world records are getting faster

While a part of the community deals with the story for hours, Speedrunner from all over the world try to play the title as soon as possible. Only this week was a new world record, in which Elden Ring was shot down in less than 10 minutes .

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12.04.2022 at 14:20