Pokemon: Switch put Shiny

Dazkeeping Pokémon are quite rarely found. With a certain method the chance increases, but it is extremely time-consuming. A player who tries to get from his switch made a dash by the bill.

Why does the switch finish a 50-hour Pokémon hunt?


A rare Shiny in Pokémon: sword and shield to catch is hard work. To find one of the extremely rare Regieleki , the Reddit user “Juviatail” had to repeat the same fight for 45-50 hours. When it finally shows up, the Nintendo Switch made a dash of the bill.

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The infamous Joy-Con-Drift ensures that “Juviatail” accidentally escapes in front of the pocket monster instead of fighting. The drift causes the cursor to move suddenly without its own exposure.

Compared to “The Gamer”, the hunter tells that has broken him experience . When he saw the Shiny Pokémon, he almost screamed before excitement. After he was forced through the drift to escape, but the excitement changed immediately in disappointment.

Pokémon hunter can not be stopped

“Juviatail” have the game immediately closed . The Joy Con-Drift has ruined the rest of his day:

“Part of me just wanted to stop. On the one hand because of the disappointment and the trouble, and on the other, because I did not even finish half of the DLC, as I was too busy with the hunt. After a few hours, however, I decided to continue. I would have wasted my time even more if I had given up at this point. “

The Joy-Con-Drift has already employed Nintendo since the release of the Switch . Now the developer must also face a class action in the US.

Do you win these struggles?

The Joy-Con-Drift finishes a 50-hour Shiny Hunt in Pokémon: Sword and Shield. Do you also struggle with the switch problem? Visit our Facebook page and writes it to us there in the comments.