Playstation games more than February 2021 unveiled

PlayStation Plus has added a balance of new PS5 games and PS4 games have been established for some time. Honestly, I have the impression that every month saw at least a big game PS4 – like Shadow of the Tomb Raider of this month – and it seems that February will continue with the same level, one of the success the Strange in 2019 being among free games.

The games are:

Control – an action-adventure of the Developer of Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment, who puts you in the skin of Jesse – a young woman looking for her lost brother who tracks her up to the oldest house – The Mysterious House Federal Office of Control (AN SCP Foundation by any other name) – which is attacked by the mysterious whistling. Fortunately, the mysterious council quickly appoints its director, and acquires a range of powers to help him along the way. Unfortunately, we do not get the full edition, but do not miss it. #

Concrete Engineering – This action-adventure allows you to face the raws that have destroyed your sketch book – and give back beauty to your polluted city – using a magic brush that gives life to your creations. Consider it as the kind of game that Studio LAIKA would do if they had the opportunity.

Brand New Big Games Announced & LEAKED (New Tomb Raider Game, Next Ghost Recon & More)
AllStars Destruction – The last offer is a destruction derby simulator that puts you orders for one of the sixteen characters, each has decorated its car specifically to face its opponents. Making things interesting is the fact that if your car is destroyed, you must always survive on foot until you get a new car, each character getting a unique trick to help them do it.

You can play the three games on the PS5, but unfortunately Destruction Allstars is a PS5 exclusivity, so you will have to wait for the upgrade if you have not already done so.