But Map differences in Rocket League? Player makes discovery

There are many different venues in Rocket League. Time in the countryside, deep down in the ocean or a classic arena. But to make it easy for the players, the maps in the classic and competitive online modes have a common: they are standardized according to developers psyonix in terms of size and layout.

The advantage: You do not always have to adapt to a new map because, for example, the walls are different. However, there are probably differences, which is concerned with the speed of the ball on the wall.

A player now made a discovery. As “Nytrosalad” wrote on Twitter, he fell on difficulties when reaching the ball at the corners in the Maps Farmstead and Forbidden Temple. Short-handed, he decided for a speed test.

times faster, sometimes slower ball

While most maps the ball rolled off the wall right away from the wall, the StarBase ARC, SALTY SHORES, NEON FIELDS as well as FarmStead and Forbidden Temple decreased. In the latter, the ball was around four MPH faster, at the other about 1.4 mph slower. The effect: The situation is difficult to assess.


In a 3VS3, for example, the shooter is already lurking, but the passman can not play in the middle, because the ball is in the wrong position. From a scorer is quickly a ball loss and possibly one goal.

To confirm his impressions, he shared the scenarios via training kit. Senior Consultant Manager of Psyonix, Devin Connor, answered promptly on Twitter to this problem: “We look at that and hope that we can customize the leveldesign, but we are not sure.”

It is unclear against what will happen until then with these five venues. Currently you are still in the respective modes.