The halo series shares an advance for the fourth episode

This Thursday, April 7, the third chapter of the series of halo was launched, which left all the fans in shock after having shown us the butt of the Master Chief . It seems that Paramount + can not wait for the subscribers of this service to enjoy the fourth episode, since they have already released a video advance that you can enjoy here.

The fourth episode of the series will be known as Homecoming, and it seems that kwan ha will return to the Madrigal planet after the events of the previous chapter. After the death of his father, he will be looking to resume power and release the planet from the control of the UNSC with the help of Soren . On the other hand, the Master Chief and Dr. Catherine Halsey will investigate the past of John in Eridanus II to find out what is happening exactly with the artifact that the Covenant ** was looking for.

Homecoming will arrive at Paramount + the next April 14.

Master Chief Becomes a BABYSITTER in The New Halo TV Show

Editor’s note: The truth is that the Halo series is not as bad as I thought, but I still do not end up convincing myself. It definitely has many interesting elements that had never been explored in the videogames before, although it is still costing to see Pablo Schreiber as the Master Chief.