Ok, the halo series has shown us just master chiefs naked butt

For everyone who has so far only the Halo games knew, the Halo Series currently running on Sky is likely to provide a fair shock. Because already in the first episode, the Master Chief – played from Pablo Schreiber – his helmet and gives a look at the face that we never got to see in the games and probably never get.

But it does not stay. For in the third episode entitled “Emergence”, the chief not only puts his helmet, but also the complete rest of his armor and all that he wears otherwise understood. In a scene we see the highly developed supersool data of humanity accordingly completely naked, including views of the Popo of the Spartan Warrior.

Naked and nearby

That was not necessarily to be expected and the scene also surprised, but still fits in the action. Because it underlines the more personal and more favorable approach, which the Halo series talks about the Master Chief. At this point, it was mentioned again that the series is not lore accurate to the games, but plays in its own timeline – the Silver Timeline – plays.

Who wants to know what the Master Chief does in the mentioned scene reads the following spoiler box.

Warning: The following paragraph contains spoilers

In said scene, the Master Chief is cutting a hormon ball out of his back, which was implemented to suppress his feelings and strengthen his struggle to strengthen his fighting. After that, he can perceive things differently and feel.

But not only the mentioned Nackide scene is remarkable in the current episode. Because we are also witnessing how the Ki Cortana arises. Also, something explicitly shows what we did not necessarily expect.

By the way, Cortana is also short to see this trailer for the series: **

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The Halo series was long in development and finally started in March. In Germany, it is available through the PAY TV channel Sky, All important information can be found here . I was able to see the first two episodes before starting, but was still pretty twin in my first impressions, as you can read in my first assessment of the Halo Series . With the third episode, the series in my opinion is developing clearly in the positive direction; I’m curious how it goes on next week and whether there will be more surprises like the Master Chief-Popo.